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 Lucian Wolf

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PostSubject: Lucian Wolf   Sun Dec 21, 2008 1:40 pm

Name: Lucian
Species: Werewolf
Age: Appears to be around 20, but is actually 4 centuries old.
Gender: Male
Mate: None
Hair: Pitch black
Eyes: Silver
Much like his sister, Rayne, Lucien's lycan fetures are subtle, easily hidden. He wears his hair long, normally in a braid down his back. His eyes are a vibrant silver, a family trait he shares with his sister. Also shared with his sister is his milky pale skin. Although, he could never been mistaken for his undead companions.

His canines are long and sharp, much bigger than Rayne's due to his age. His claws are long and black, filed down numerous times to keep them from becoming too sharp.
Like his sister, at first, Lucien seems cold and unfeeling. He doesn't allow others to come witin arms length. That is, until they prove to him that they're trust worthy. Once they've done that, they have an ally for life.

After awhile, he'll warm up to you. He'll become more relaxed and easy going. Eventually, Lucien will be more open and begin making small talk with you. Not alot, but it's progress. When he's able to call you apart of the pack, Lucien will become protective and, even, talkative. Some may even say chatty.

Lucien grew up alone. When he was of age, he left his parents and moved out, tired of them pushing him to be perfect. Two centuries later, he heard of his sister's arrival. So, he returned. He adored Rayne and when their parents died, he raised her. He traveled the world with his sister, not once leaving her side. The joined pack after pack, but none seemed to be the right one.

So, he continued his search. His journey led him to Aerith. There, the siblings settled and became part of the local pack. He sped through the ranks until he reached the status of Alpha. Soon after, he announced Rayne to be the Beta. They were good partners together.

Normal Attire:
Usually just a pair of baggy jeans and a white T-shirt covered by a leather jacket

Roleplayed by: xxwolfdemonxx
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Lucian Wolf
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