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 Rayne Wolf

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PostSubject: Rayne Wolf   Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:29 pm

Name: Rayne

Species: Werewolf

Age: Appears to be around 18, but is 200

Gender: Female

Mate: None yet

Hair: Pitch black

Eyes: Silver

Rayne appears to be an ordinary human woman. Of course, this is far from the truth. Her abnormal features are simply hidden.

Rayne stands at five feet, four inches. Pretty average. Her eyes are an unusual silver, much like her elder brother's. Her skin is pale, but not as pale as the undead. It's smooth and unblemished. When one looks close enough, they can see the subtle differences between her and a regular human.

Her pierced ears are pointed at the tips. A human can hardly notice this characteristic. In her mouth, her incisors are unbelievably long and sharp, much like a canine's. On her hands, her long black nails are, in fact, sharp claws.

When first meeting Rayne, one would think her cold and indifferent to others. It takes some time for her to come to trust others, no matter what the species. It's just one of those things about her. When she does come to trust you, though, she treats you with respect, trust, and affection. She may even begin to call you her "brother" or her "sister".

As time goes on, Rayne will become more protective and loving. She'll be open with her affection, giving out hugs or small pecks on the cheek. She'll open up and, in return, will listen to all you have to say. By this time, you'll mean alot to her. If you were to become hurt, she'd be hurt.

Rayne lost her parents at a young age. Lucien, her brother, raised her as the moved from place to place. At age 9, they moved here and joined the local wolf pack. The two siblings moved up within the ranks rather fast. They were loved by all. After a century, she was promoted to Beta Wolf. Soon after her brother became Alpha.

They were, and still are, awesome partners. After awhile, two new vampires came into town, Shellie and Skylar. This marked the start of a long, wondrous friendship. More and more people began to come as if flocking to the town. Vampire and Lycan alike. So, now, Rayne is surrounded by caring and loving friends, both Vampires and Lycans.

Normal Attire:
A pair of black, baggy jeans and a form fitting black tank top.

Roleplayed by: xxwolfdemonxx
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Rayne Wolf
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