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 Shellie Gellerd

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PostSubject: Shellie Gellerd   Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:38 am

Name: Shellie

Species: Vampire

Age: Looks to be 17 but is actually 100

Gender: Female

Mate: Jason King

Hair: Shoulder length and blond

Eyes: Emerald green

Looks: She is about 5'7". When she was still human she had a love for animals and had a tattoo of a paw print put on her shoulder. Her fangs are slightly pointed. Her eyes change from emerald to dark green to even black depending on how angered she is. Her body is tiny and looks rather fragile, making it easier for her to jump from tree to tree then run across the ground

Personality: She is a bit of a bookworm who can never find a book to capture her attention because of her gift. She loves going fast, whether it's by foot or wheels. She is overprotective and motherly of those she cares about. Usually very happy unless there is a threat or she hasn't eaten. Often sarcastic, even though some don't pick up on it. She is kind and sweet but is often bitter to those who hurt her friends in anyway

History: Was going to school in France when one night a strange man abducted her. He changed and she soon realized she could read his thought's and them manipulate his mind in various ways. She soon escaped and set the house she was being held in on fire. She moved to Blood Manor where she soon saved Skylar from death. She saved Lorelai from her death. When she was held captive by Lorelai she met Jason, her mate. She is friends with the Lycan's. Only drinks Animal blood, but still feels bad about it. She is the leader of the vampires and although a kind leader she means business when she has to.

Normal Attire: Anything presently in fashion but it must be comfortable. Always wears a cross on a leather cord around her neck and a pink bow in her hair

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PostSubject: Re: Shellie Gellerd   Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:34 pm

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Shellie Gellerd
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