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 Arthur Lex

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PostSubject: Arthur Lex   Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:38 am

Name: Arthur Lex

Species: Lycan

Age: Unknown, looks 23.

Gender: Male.

Mate: None.

Hair: Dark Blue.

Eyes: Dark Blue, but sometimes changes to dark green.

Looks: He is tall, standing at 6'7". He has boyish features, and a soft smile.

Personality: He is usually quiet and thoughtful, kind, and soft. Unless he is in a fight, then he is cruel. Outside of fighting he isn't easily angered, but if one does managed to anger him, they will regret it. Sometimes he seems as if he is hideing things, what those things are no one knows.

History: He's an old friend of Jake's. Since he keeps so many things a secret, not much is known about his past. He doesn't really seem to care about his past, in fact he doesn't remeber most of it. All he knows about his far past, long before he met Jake, is something about blood. And he prefers to keep his pass a mystery, even from himself, he doesn't want to know who he was before.

Normal Attire: Whatever he finds comfortable.
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Arthur Lex
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