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 Wipe Out!!!

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PostSubject: Wipe Out!!!   Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:03 pm

Name: Carson Edwards
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Description: American. Brunette with a blonde streak. Green eyes that turn blue when upset. 5'6"
Personality: Crazy, willing to try anything. Can be compared to the Funshine Carebear, but more sarcastic. Has a skateboard named Eddie.
Name: Daniel (Danny) Bishop
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Description: British. Spiky dirty blonde hair. Hazel eyes.6'1"
Personality: Kind, laid back, loves his skateboard but hasn't named it... Yet
Other: coffee shop boy…for now
Name: Mickey Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Description: American. Dark brown, shaggy hair. Icy blue eyes. 5'11"
Personality: Laid back and cocky, loves to surf.
Other: Carson's Boyfriend
Name: Michelle (Shell) Gellerd
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Description: American. Short blonde hair with purple bang tips. Light brown eyes.5'10"
Personality: Carson’s voice of reason. Laid back, shy, loves animals so much she prefers them over people. Caffeine addict.
Other: Carson's friend
Name: Jason Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Description: Canadian. Light brown hair. Emerald green eyes.6'0"
Personality: Shy, quite. Only tolerates certain people, hates Mickey. He doesn't really like animals but has extreme animal magnetism.
Other: Shell's Boyfriend.
Name: Emma Gilmore
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Description: British roots, but born in America. Dark brown hair with eyes to match.5'5"
Personality: Bitch, smart but only uses it for her bitchy ways.
Other: Queen Bee of her clique, Carson's only enemy.
Name: Kat (Mo Mo) Lewis
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Description: American. Blond hair. Brown eyes. 5’3”
Personality: Crazy and strange but totally cool
Other: Shell and Carson’s friend
Name: Bradley (Brad) Shindler
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Description: British. Wavy blond hair. Golden eyes. 6’2”
Personality: Coffee addict. Bookworm. Loves animals
Other: A transfer student at Shell and Carson’s school
Name: Skylar Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Description: Canadian. Spiky, light brown hair. Sapphire blue eyes. 5’11”
Personality: Cocky and easily angered. Loves Cheetos, skateboarding, and girls.
Other: Jason’s brother. Has a crush on Shell
Name: Lorelai Chandler
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Description: American. Dark brown hair, just below the shoulder, and slightly curly. Electric blue eyes. 5’10”
Personality: Quirky and sarcastic but very kind. When angered she gets vindictive
Other: Jason’s ex-girlfriend
Name: Travis Wintler
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Description: Australian. Dirty blond faux-hawk. Pale green eyes with hazel around the center. 5’’7”
Personality: Sneaky. Friends with all.
Other: Skylar’s friend
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PostSubject: Re: Wipe Out!!!   Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:03 pm

Carson's POV
I woke up to the sound of Gilligan’s Island, my ring tone. I picked up my phone to check my caller ID; it was Shell, of course. I answered it, "What’s up, Shell?"
"Check the time; you were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago!!!" She practically yelled at me.
"Okay give me 15 minutes, and I'll be there." I said quickly, looking at the time it was 12:30, I hopped out of bed. I ran to the closet and grabbed my favorite pair of shorts and two tank tops, one in aqua and the other black, and I put on my black high top converses. I have to wear high tops, I have this horrible habit of kicking my ankles so hard that they bleed, not on purpose it’s accidental but I can't help it. Then I searched franticly for the locket that was given to me by Paul before he died. I gave up after looking at the time, I only had 5 minutes left and Shell was already going to kill me. I knew that if I took the bus I'd be even later so I grabbed my trusty skateboard Eddie and headed for the door.
I sped down the street and got there just in time, Shell was fuming. I got off of my board and put on my apologetic face, and walked over to her. Upon seeing my face she said "Fine, I'll forgive you this time, but that’s 3 times this week."
"I know, and I'm sorry, really, really, really sorry." I pleaded
"Okay, but only if you forgive me for this, Jason tagged along." She said
I rolled my eyes but Jason was cool, even if he hated my boyfriend "No, Shell its cool, Why don't we just surgically attach you 2 at the hip?” I said slightly sarcastic.
"That sounds like fun, although what would I do if he got annoying?" She said slightly more sarcastic than usual.
"No clue, so where is he?" I asked.
"He's at the restaurant, waiting for us. He didn't want to see your reaction when I told you he was here. Let’s go!"
She grabbed my arm and ran down the street to Fridays. She burst through the door and found the table Jason was at before I could even blink. We ran, well she ran I was dragged, over to the table, she dropped my arm and sat down next to Jason and gave him a kiss.
"Hi, Sweetie.” She said lovingly.
"Hey. Hi Carson, I hope your not to mad at me" he said in a guilty tone.
"No, it’s totally cool" I said nonchalantly.
We finished our lunch and Shell and Jason suddenly became weird. He paid the bill and they pushed me out of the door. They probably had somewhere else to go after this because they seemed like they were in a rush.
"Okay, let’s walk Carson home." Jason said quickly.
I had a feeling something was up, but agreed before I could over think it. When we got to my house they both gave me a hug and walked off hand in hand, once again in a rush.
Shell's POV
We were finishing our lunch when I saw Carson's boyfriend, Mickey walked through the door with Emma, the one person Carson truly hated. I knew that Jason had seen him too because his body suddenly got tense beside me. He quickly paid the bill when it came, and we pushed Carson out of the door before she could see them.
"Okay, let’s walk Carson home” Jason said quickly
Thank god Carson agreed so that she didn't have to see Mickey just yet. We got her home and we both gave her a hug. Jason took my hand in his as we walked away and asked "What do we do now?"
"I have an idea” I replied. Now I had a vendetta. We walked back to Fridays, soon afterwards we saw Mickey walk out with Emma. He kissed her goodbye then started to walk down the street. Jason ran forward and tackled him to the ground. Jason was more furious with Mickey then I was. Jason was like the older brother that Carson never had, or wanted for that matter.
We brought Mickey back to my house and tied him up and put green duct tape over his mouth. I know that this is drastic but Carson needed to know this. I sent a text message that told her she needed to come over immediately, and Carson being Carson was over in 10 minutes even though she only lived 5 minutes away. She came in and kept asking me if everything was alright. I told her she would have to see for herself. I brought her to the living room where Mickey was tied up, with Carson's favorite color of duct tape. I hoped that this would at least make her slightly happy.
"This doesn’t look like an emergency...it actually looks like fun” she said looking at Mickey. Jason suddenly looked twice as angry and ready to tackle Mickey again, but I interrupted before he could, “I don't think you get it Carson, He is tied up because he has something very important to tell you." I tore the duct tape of his mouth as I said it
"No I don't, and what the hell is wrong with you two!?!" Mickey yelled twitching his mouth from the pain of the duct tape being ripped off.
Jason ran forward and punched Mickey in the eye, Carson looked mortified.
"What the hell!!!"Mickey, Carson, and I yelled simultaneously.
"Tell the truth Mickey or I'll do it to the other eye too" Jason threatened.
I ran over to Jason to restrain him, fat chance, just thought I'd try.
"Fine, I'll tell the truth, just keep him away from me. Carson, I cheated on you." he finally said.
Carson sank to the floor in shock.
I walked over to her "It’s okay, you’re too good for him anyway"
"Anything else Mickey?" Jason asked with a smug look on his face
"Yeah there is more, I sold your locket" He said meekly.
At this time Carson's face went from one of shock to one of rage. She pounced on him knocking the chair to the ground, she started to punch him in the stomach, yelling "Paul's locket, you sold Paul's locket!!!"
"Jason stop her!!!" I yelled, horrified at the situation
"No, I’m good. I've waited for a long for this to happen" He replied happily
I shot a look at him. “You sure about that."
"Fine, you win” He said defeated. He pulled Carson off of Mickey.
She turned and yelled "I'm not done yet!!!"
"I know, but Shell told me to stop you. Believe me I would rather be punching him too."
Carson suddenly started to cry, "That locket was given to me by one of my closest friends, Paul right before he -"
"It’s okay Carson, everything will be okay" Jason said hugging her while I untied Mickey " Hey Carson, want another punch before I let him go?" I offered
"Let Jason do it, he punches harder" She said. Jason turned around and punched Mickey in the stomach with all the force he could muster and said. “If you tell anyone about this, we'll tell them about the locket you stole."
Carson's POV
I was sitting in my room remembering the last time I saw Paul.
-Start Flashback-
He was in the hospital with tubes coming out of practically everywhere. He seemed happy to see me, a huge smile crossed his face the second I walked in.
'Ah Carson, my favorite person what’s up?' he said
' Not much, you?' I asked
'Alls well'
'All doesn't look well, have those tubes multiplied since yesterday?'
'That bad huh? Well come give me a hug'
'I'll probably unplug something, send all the nurses running.'
'Well they need the exercise.'
'Fine you win.' I said walking over to give him a hug.
'See no unplugged tubes' he chuckled
'Are you making fun of me?'
'Yeah maybe just a little bit, by the way I have something to give you.'
'Paul no, I can't take anything from you.'
'Well you'll just have to get over that.' he reached over to his bed side table and picked up a box. 'Here I hope you like it.' I opened the box to see a white gold heart shaped locket on a diamond cut chain.
'Paul I can't accept this.'
'Yes you can, it's quite easy you take it out of the box and put it on.'
'I can't do that.'
'Don't make me get out of this bed and put it on you.'
'But why?'
'To remember me by, when I -'
'Don't talk like that!' I interrupted 'You're my best friend you can't'
'But I am'
'No you’re not the judge has decided'
He smiled, that’s what I loved about him he had been in the hospital for nearly a month but he could still manage a smile, he never wallowed.
'Fine just keep the locket okay.'
'Fine you win I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom.'
'Okay hurry up'
I walked down the hallway and turned left into the bathroom. I leaned over the bathroom sink and then the water works started. I could only let this go on for a minute because Paul was waiting so I splashed some water on my face and looked at the locket in the mirror for half a second. It was honestly the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen but I had to hurry because Paul would get suspicious.
I walked back to his room but he didn't smile 'You were crying 'He said sadly
'No I wasn't' I said to quickly
'Yeah you were, you're eyes are blue they give you away every time.'
'Damn!' I said under my breath and he smiled again
'Don't worry I'll be fine, the judge decided remember. Oh, by the way I want you to meet one of my friends, his name is Mickey. I think you two would-' he stopped mid sentence and his heart monitor went berserk. Before I could do anything the doctors and nurses ran in and were in a frenzy. He looked over at me 'Love you' he whispered
'Love you too' I said then there was one long beep and everyone was silent.
-End Flashback-
Mickey and I became close friends after Paul's funeral, until the day he finally got the nerve to ask me out
-Start Flashback-
Mickey and I walked out to the beach, when we got there he set up a big picnic spread. We ate and talked, till Mickey suddenly got very serious.
'Carson will you go out with me?'
I looked in to his Icy blue eyes 'I'd love to.'
'Thank God, I was so worried you'd say no'
-End Flashback-
Then the crying started, Then I heard a knock on the door.
Shell's POV
I walked up to Carson's house, I hadn't seen her since the whole Mickey situation a week ago. I knocked on the door, When she answered I looked her up and down, she looked horrible. She was wearing pajamas bottoms and a tank top, her eyes were blue.
"Hey Carson. Have you been crying?" I asked her
"No, I haven't"
"Don't lie to me. Your eyes are blue"
"Fine, I have been. What’s your point?" She snapped.
"No point, but I have a surprise for you"
"What is it?" She asked, intrigued
"I have two tickets to London, England for two weeks!!!"
"That sounds like fun. When do we leave?"
"Tomorrow night!" I said happily.
"Wow. That’s really soon"
"I know, but I thought it was for the best."
"No it’s totally cool. Wait, how are you going to be away from Jason for that long?"
"No clue, but two weeks never killed anyone"
~~Fast Forward to plane departure~~
"Jason I love you and I'll call you the second we land. Okay?” I said
"I know, but for two whole weeks!" He complained.
"It'll be okay, I'll call you three times a day. I love you"
"I love you more"
"No, I love you more" I said as we embraced in a kiss
"Okay you two stop that you're creeping everyone out" Carson complained.
We tore apart. "Fine. Bye Jason" I said as I prepared to leave.
He turned to Carson. "Keep her caffeinated. I don't want to know the consequences otherwise."
"I promise" Carson replied
"Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go" I said impatiently
"I'm coming. Bye Jason"
"Bye girls"
We walked on to the plane. I turned back and saw Jason pouting.
~~Fast Forward To plane landing~~
"Okay Jason. I love you, bye" I hung up the phone and turned to Carson "Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!"
"Let’s get our bags to the hotel and find you some then"
We got a taxi and dropped off our bags and Eddie at our hotel and walked down the street to find me some coffee.
Emma's POV
Winter had suddenly become boring. Carson and Shell left last week for the UK. I was so looking forward to seeing their faces when I would tell them I sold the locket and just used Mickey to steal it. I didn't really care for Mickey; I just know that it would bother Carson even more. Carson and I used to be really good friends until Poor Dead Paul got in the way, he was a nice guy and I would have gone out with him, but no way would I have gone out with the Cancer Kid. It would just make things harder when he, well, so I cut off contact, but Carson did just the opposite and practically never left his side
I've flirted with Jason to piss Shell off, but I haven’t succeeded yet. He just walks away, and then the squirrels start to follow him again. I tried to find him again but he seems to have disappeared. I wonder where he went.
Jason's POV
Emma started to flirt with me the second that I got back from the airport. She also started to tease me that Shell was going to find a new man in Europe so I should just move on. If she wasn't a girl I would tackle her to the ground. It's been a week since they left and it was slightly depressing, they are the only people in this town that I tolerated. I have seen Mickey a few times this week, every time he runs down the street like a girl to get away from me. I think I'm going to leave to England, I'm not entirely sure yet. All I know is that I miss Shell and that I'm sick and tired of these damn squirrels following me everywhere.
Maybe I'll throw a rock at one of the squirrels they'll stop following me.
Carson's POV
I woke up at 6:00. "Man, its early." I said to myself. I looked over at Shell to see she was still asleep. Maybe I'll get her some coffee before she wakes up. I got up and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top as well as my dark blue high tops. I grabbed Eddie and ran out of the room. As soon as I hit the street I was off. I explored around until it was 7, Shell would be up soon, I decided to head towards the coffee shop where that cute guy worked, he gave Shell free coffee. This is a good thing because otherwise she would have been broke the first day. As I headed for the coffee shop a ton of thoughts suddenly entered my mind. I looked up and saw the curb but it was too late, I couldn't turn in time.
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PostSubject: Re: Wipe Out!!!   Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:04 pm

Danny's POV
I heard a thud, I turned around to see Carson lying there. At first I chuckled then I walked over to help her up.
"You all right?" I asked.
She looked up and blushed "Yeah, I'm fine. I just spaced out." I put my hand out, she took it and I helped her up. "You here for coffee for your friend?" I asked her
"Is there any other reason for me to be here"
"True, her usual"
"Of course; oh by the way this is kind of embarrassing but I never got your name.
"Danny" I said opening the door but before she walked in she paused.
"Shit! Eddie!" she yelled as she spun around to the sidewalk.
"Who’s Eddie?" I asked
"Boyfriend?" I interrupted, I heard her mention him to Shell a few times.
"No" she rolled her eyes as if it were obvious "My skateboard"
"Oh." I smiled
"There it is" She said as she ran across the street to grab her board.
"You named your board?" I asked as she walked back.
"Yeah why not?" She said as I looked down to shake my head and saw that she was bleeding.
"You’re bleeding" I said pointing to her knee, she looked down and shrugged. "You really should wear a helmet that could have just as easily been your head."
She looked at me and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, says the little British boy who has never been this close to a skate board before." she said sarcastically
"What makes you think I haven't been near a board before?"
"You just don't seem like the ty-"
"Yeah, well I am that type, and I never had a wipeout quite as hilarious as yours."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shell’s POV
I heard my phone ring with Franks Sinatra’s “The way you look tonight.” It was Jason; that was our song so I didn’t need to check the caller ID because he is the only one with that ring tone. My heart jumped, he’d stopped answering his phone recently and I thought something was wrong. I was happy he’d called but I was still mad at him for not answering lately. I pressed the accept button, “Hello Jason” I said coldly.
“Hey, Hun. What’s up?” He asked happily.
“Not much. You?” I replied still mad.
“Nothing really” He said chuckling.
“Good. Why haven‘t you been answering your phone lately?” I asked losing some of the venom in my voice.
“I'm sorry, Hun. I’ve been busy.”
“Doing what?” I inquired further.
“Open your door” He said.
“Why?” I asked curiously while I stood up.
“Just do.” From the tone of his voice I could tell he was rolling his eyes.
“Fine” I said opening the door.
“Hi Hun.” He said as I my anger wiped away as I saw him standing before me.
I dropped my phone and jumped in to his open arms. “Jason!!!” I immediately started to kiss him.
He tore away from me “Are you still mad at me?” He asked.
I grabbed his face and kissed him again.
He tore away again “I‘ll take that as a no.” He said laughing.
“Are you doing this to me intentionally?” I said pouting.
“Sorry” He said returning my kisses.
I tore away and grabbed my phone. “Sorry” I said turning back to him. We continued to kiss as we walked back in to the room. I jumped down and tore away. “I’m so happy to see you” I said ecstatic.
“I‘m so happy to see you too. Do you want coffee?” He asked me not letting go of my waist.
“Of course!” I responded.
“Then go get dressed.”
“You have to let go of my waist, Sweetie”
“Only if you insist” He said releasing me.
I gave him a peck on the lips “Hold on a second” I said grabbing my cloths. I walked in to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I got in to the shower, dried off, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, and got dressed. I put on my makeup and grabbed my phone. I walked out of the bathroom. I picked up my purse and took Jason’s hand, and together we walked out of the hotel and walked to the coffee shop. On the way Jason was very silent, “What’s up, Sweetie?” I asked tired of the silence.
“I’m just observing.” He responded.
“Might I ask what it is you’re observing?”
“The cars here, they are so tiny” he said
“You’re so strange.” I said between laughs.
“Oh yeah!” he said with a malicious grin across his face. He then raised his hands and got ready to run at me.
“Oh no!” I yelled as I started to run.
He chased after me and he caught up to me right as we reached the coffee shop. He clamped on to my waist and looked into my eyes; we embraced in a quick kiss that couldn’t continue because we were both out of breath from running. “Hey.” He said in his dreamy voice.
“Hi” I responded as my breath came back to me.
“Shall we get you coffee?”
“Let’s go” I responded as I turned to walk away, however he still had my waist so I didn’t get very far. “Are we going to go now?” I asked turning back to face him.
“Fine” He said as he switched to my side and but his arm around my shoulders. We walked to the door. He put one arm around my waist and switched to stand behind me, as we walked through the door. Once we entered we saw Carson getting a cup of coffee, and a very pissed off Danny, he was the cute coffee server that liked her but of course Carson was completely oblivious to that fact, I don’t even think she knew his name.
“I‘m so sorry” She kept saying over and over.
“Hi Danny” I said as I walked over to them to get the coffee on the counter. “Thanks Carson”
“You’re welcome” she said then she stopped and looked at me flabbergasted “You know his name!?”
“Of course I know his name, he gives me coffee every day” I said matter-of-factly
I took a sip of coffee “Bye Danny” I said as I walked to the door followed by a defeated looking Carson and a pondering Jason.
We walked to the hotel and Carson went back out to skateboard. Jason and I watched the news slightly uninterested because he was thinking about who knows what, and I was worried about Carson’s obliviousness.
“Hey Hun, should I worry about the fact you know that guys names?” He asked with a worried look on his face.
“Jason, no. My relationship with Danny is strictly caffeine based.” I told him.
“Well our relationship started over the fact that I bought you a cup of coffee so you would not pass out in Calculus.”
“True, but that’s not the whole story Jason. I liked you way before the coffee thing. I love you and the fact that someone supplies me with mass amounts of coffee everyday isn‘t going to change that anytime soon” I said giving him a kiss. He didn’t pull away so I assumed that that meant we were done.
“Ahem” We heard and we tore apart. We looked over to where the noise came from and saw Carson and Danny looking slightly amused.
Jason’s POV
When Shell and I split apart we both looked over at the door to see Carson and that coffee boy standing there. They looked amused at the situation.
“I thought that this would happen, Shell was going to explode when you didn‘t answer your phone. In fact I thought you would have jumped into her suitcase and hid until we got here.” She said to me.
“You’re so funny.” Shell snapped. She seemed pissed, whether it was from our sudden split or Carson’s comment was unknown to me.
“Hey I‘m Jason” I introduced myself to the coffee boy.
“I‘m Danny. I‘m going to assume that you’re the one Shell is in love with” He said back
I still wasn’t entirely comfortable with him yet, “Yeah, We have been together since her sophomore year.” I said looking back at her, she still seemed mad “You okay, Hun?” I asked her.
She looked into my eyes and the anger wiped off of her face. “Yeah, Sweetie, I‘m fine.”
Carson saw Shell’s anger wiped away when she looked at me, so she took advantage of the moment. “So what do we do now?”
Shell couldn’t get mad while looking at me so she simply replied “I think you and me should talk.” She kissed me and then walked over to Carson grabbed her by the elbow and marched out the door and probably down the hallway. Danny walked over and sat on the floor next to the bed, he grabbed the remote as he sat down.
“So you know Danny, I‘m obligated to hate you until I know your good enough for her” I informed him nonchalantly.
“I would ask why, but I heard about the situation with Mickey and I‘m assuming you’re the guy that tackled him to the ground. And so you know I‘m not going to ask her out until I‘m sure she is ready for a new relationship.” He replied
“Good.” I said happily
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shell’s POV
I grabbed Carson’s elbow and dragged her down the hallway. As we stopped I swung her around and said “I‘m going to forgive your comments, but only because Jason is here and I‘m happy about that.” I waited to see if she had anything to say. When she stayed quite I continued. “Now, I must talk about your obliviousness. Danny likes you, and your head is way too far in the clouds to realize it. I know that Mickey hurt you but a good person wants to be in a relationship with you.” I walked away leaving her behind me, as I passed her, she looked shocked about my confrontation. I walked into the room and sat down next to Jason, I grabbed his face and kissed him then tore away “Let’s go for a walk” I said needing to get out.
“Okay” he said still flabbergasted by my kiss
I grabbed his hand and headed for the door, we walked down the hallway and past Carson, who was still standing in the same place I left her. Jason looked back as we reached the elevator, opened his mouth to say something but before he could I shook my head. He shrugged and hit the button for the lobby. We walked outside once the door opened, we headed for the park in complete silence.
Danny’s POV
Carson walked back in to the room with a startled look on her face. I stood up and walked up to her “Are you okay, Carson?” I asked carefully
“I think so. Shell just yelled at me though.” She said still in shock
“That doesn‘t sound like her”
“She didn‘t really yell so much. She seemed very angry with me though”
”You did deserve it for what you said to them. You made it seem like they can‘t spend a minute without each other”
“Well it’s true, not so much for her. He doesn‘t like anybody else where we live. Until he met Shell the only reason anybody knew his name was because of the attendance they take every class. After they started dating I met him because they were always together. They have been that way for almost two years; actual on Valentine’s Day is their anniversary. ” She suddenly stopped and said as if talking to herself “Wow that’s really soon, It’s like December 20th, and it’s also really close to Christmas. Why didn’t I realize that.” she stopped again and I took advantage of it
“What did she confront you about?”
“She was talking about how although my relationship with Mickey ended badly I shouldn‘t close myself from a new one with you…I shouldn‘t have told you that”
“Why is that?”
“Because… it’s a girl thing.”
“Interesting.” I said mischievously.
Mickey’s POV
Life right now sucks. Carson dumped me, which is reasonable considering everything I did, and Emma is ignoring me. The only good thing is Jason followed his stupid girlfriend and can’t bother me again. I was tired of walking away pretending I didn’t see him…Okay I ran away like a girl but that’s only because he is the biggest guy at school other than those on the football team. I’m happy he graduated already, however I have to deal with him as long as he and Shell are together. I have tried to ask Emma out a couple times and she either looks at me disgusted and walks away or completely ignores me continuing on her path. After all I did for her she is completely ungrateful. Whatever, life goes on.
Emma’s POV
That Mickey kid keeps trying to ask me out. Does he not get that I used him for my vindictive ways. All I wanted was the locket because I knew it would affect Carson the most. I hope they are having a horrible time, because I know that’s what I strive for in life. I guess Jason went to England because he hasn’t been seen since last night. I think I’m going to go shopping, I saw this adorable dress the other day and I think I’m going to by it. I also found a really good pair of shoes and a bag to go with it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Carson’s POV
Danny and I watched some T.V. when I decided to go to the park. “Hey Danny want to go to the park with me?”
“Sure, let’s go.”
We walked down the hall and in to the elevator, when the door opened we walked out of the lobby and on to the street.
“Why did you name your board?” He asked me
“Why didn‘t you name yours?” I asked back
“I‘m being serious”
“I think that if it’s something you want to be remembered by it deserves a name.”
“Really? What does my board look like to you?”
“Umm… let’s see… I think it looks like a…Natasha!”
“Interesting, I agree” He said as we entered the park.
We walked for awhile and came across a lake; next to the lake was a huge tree. As we walked around the tree we saw a couple making out. I suddenly realized it was Shell and Jason. I grabbed Danny and fled to the side of the hill nearby and stared out at them
“Damn, for two people who believe in abstinence they sure show a lot of PDA!”
“They are in love, I don‘t see why it matters”
I stared at him, “They are always like abstinence this and abstinence that, and they are all over each other in public!”
“Don‘t you think that being in public stops them from going any further?”
“I suppose so”
I looked back over at the tree and didn’t see them there.
“Looking for us?” I heard from behind me, I turned around to see Jason and Shell. Shell still looked angry but hid it better.
“Hey guys” I said in a guilty tone.
“Ready to head back to the hotel?” Shell asked.
“Yeah, let’s head back” Danny said.
We got up and headed for the hotel.
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Jason’s POV
As we entered the hotel room I thought of something, however before I could say anything Shell walked past me and I smelled her shampoo as she went. She grabbed a book off her current stack of eight books. For a two week Vacation she brought sixteen books, she was half way done, I looked at the pile of read books. It contained all seven of the Harry Potter books, and a copy of Eragon and Eldest together. In her to read pile was The Twilight Saga and the three Peter and the Starcatchers books, she had just picked up Brisinger. I stopped and looked at her; I was amazed that she could read that many books that quickly. I stood there for a second until Carson yelled “Earth to Jason!”
I snapped out of it and walked to the other side of her bed and sat down, I propped myself up on the backboard. Shell laid back and I put my arm around her shoulder. She rested her head on my shoulder and I breathed in the scent of her pineapple shampoo, I sighed. She looked up at me and I met her eyes, she blushed slightly then looked at her book, her cheeks bright red. After a minute she looked up again and kissed me, I deepened the kiss after a moment but we were broken apart by Carson clearing her throat. Shell tore away and shot a dirty look at Carson before sitting up and returning to her book, after Shell moved I also shot a look at Carson, she looked away guilty. The moment I had with Shell made me forget my earlier thought, Carson’s interruption, however, made me remember. “Hey Carson, if you went out alone why did you come back with Danny?”I asked her
“I was in the park and I was thinking of how I left Danny. I left the park and went to the coffee shop. ”She said
Danny finished her story, “I was supposed to leave the shop at noon, so as I was leaving as Carson pulled up on her board. She apologized so I forgave her and rode here together on Eddie and Natasha to the hotel, where we found you two.” He finished. He was sitting on the floor and Shell was on the bed.
“Alrighty then…”I said
Shell finally spoke “Two questions actually. First, why didn‘t you get me coffee? And second, who is Natasha?”
“Natasha is what I named his skateboard and I wasn‘t thinking about coffee right then, sorry.” Cason replied.
“Fine, I‘ll let the coffee thing go. As for his board, I should have assumed it.” Shell said amused.
“So, what are you kids up to tonight?” Danny asked us.
“Actually, Shell and I were going to go out. You know, on a date. ”I told him.
Shell’s face suddenly lit up. She looked at me then whispered in my ear, “Can Danny and Carson go with us?” Her face was pleading and against my own will I nodded.
“Hey, Danny can I speak with you?” She asked, he nodded and got up, they walked out the door and returned two minutes later. Shell had sat down next to me and put her head on my shoulder.
He looked at Carson then said “Carson would you go out with me tonight? We could double with Shell and Jason”
Carson looked back over at us for confirmation. Shell nodded and I half smiled. Then she said “Sure Danny, It sounds like fun”
Danny’s face went from one of worry to one of relief.
“Good now that that is settled, dinner is at six. We will leave at five-thirty. ” I said reluctant about it. As said it Shell’s head turned her head to look at something and gasped, I followed her gaze to the clock and saw it was four-thirty. The next thing I knew I was being yanked off the bed and pushed out the door with Danny beside me and Shell behind us pushing us out of the room. Once we were outside she turned around and grabbed my bags and gave them to me.
“Please tell me you have a tux with you.” She said
“Yes, why?” I asked her.
“Good. Wear it” is all she replied
“What?! Why?!” I demanded.
She gave me a pleading look.
“Fine, you win. I stated then I grabbed my bags and headed down the hallway”
As I reached the elevator I heard Shell yelling “Wait!!!”
I dropped my bags and turned around just in time to catch her. She wrapped her legs around me. She kissed me passionately and I deepened it. Thank god Danny was smarter than I thought because he didn’t interrupt us. We broke a few minutes later. We were both breathless. We whispered our conversation from lack of breath
“Dinners at six-thirty” She informed me, and then she continued, “Sorry I tried for six but it was either this or seven.”
“It’s okay Hun” I told her
She kissed me once more; she broke away then said “Be here at six”
“Anything for you” I said then I kissed her.
“I love you, Sweetie” she said giving me another kiss.
“I love you too, Hun” I said giving her a kiss.
She jumped down from my waist then kissed me one last time. I watched her return to her room then picked up my bags. I turned around and asked “You ready?”
He nodded his head and we walked to the elevator.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shell’s POV
I ran back to our room, still breathless from kissing Jason. I looked at Carson; she looked worried, “What’s wrong?” I asked her as I looked through the clothes I brought with us.
“It’s nothing. Don’t worry.” She said to me
“Carson, I’ve known you to long not to worry when you tell me not to” I said turning to face her.
“Fine, it’s about Danny. I really like him but I don’t want to get hurt again”
I sat down next to her and gave her a hug then I said “It’ll be okay. I’ve got a good feeling about this.”
“Well it’s not like I can say no to that” She said sarcastically.
“Don’t be that way” I said as I got up to go through the clothes.
I found two dresses for myself; I turned to ask her opinion on them. She looked at the dresses, one was a backless black dress and the other was a simple sapphire blue dress.
“I like the black one on you.” She said after examining them.
I set the black one down and put the blue one away. Then I looked at Carson, her eyes would go good with a green dress. I turned around and found an emerald green one. I found a green and white necklace and a white shawl I also picked up a white purse. For myself I found a black shawl with silver threading and silver bag, for my jewelry I wore my white gold cross. I grabbed a tank top and shorts from Carson’s clothes and went in to the bathroom. I started the shower Carson wasn’t behind me so I yelled for her “Are you coming?!”
She walked in to the bathroom. “What’s up?” She asked me
“Get in the shower” I said then I left the bathroom. She took a fifteen minute shower. When the door finally opened I rushed in with my makeup kit and blow-dryer and a set of curlers for myself.
“Sit!” I demanded.
She sat while I tried to blow-dry her hair. It was going to be an uncooperative day, so I gave up and stormed out of the bathroom, I returned with my flat iron and proceeded to straighten her hair. After ten minutes I was finished with her hair. I ran out of the bathroom a tee-shirt and shorts. I finished her make up in ten more minutes because when it came to her eyes, she spazzed out and it took three minutes per eye! I kicked her out of the bathroom and took a ten minute shower. I dried my hair slightly when I got dressed and put the curlers in; I did my make up and walked out of the bathroom to see Carson watching Sponge Bob Square Pants.
“How old are you?” I asked
“About five and a half” She replied
“Go put your dress on” I said I said realizing it was five twenty-five. She got her dress and went in to the bathroom. Five minutes later she came in. I zipped her up and she turned around.
“Carson, you look amazing. Now go put shoes on.” I said as I grabbed my dress and walked into the bathroom. I took the curlers out of my hair, they were loose curls. I put on my dress and zipped up my side zipper.
I walked out and saw Carson putting on green high-top converse.
“There is now way you are wearing those.” I told her
“But Shell, I have to” She complained
“Take them off Carson, or do you prefer to relive this morning?” I challenged
“Fine,” she scowled while she took them off “But if my ankles are bleeding tonight it’s your fault!”
“That’s a risk I‘m willing to take” I said handing her a pair of white two inch heels.
“Are you trying to kill me!?!” She yelled
“Just put them on” I said putting on a pair of black stilettos.
Our argument continued until six o’clock when the always on time Jason knocked on the door. I opened the door. First I saw Jason, behind him was Danny.
“You look nice Danny.” I said to him.
“What about me?” Jason pouted playfully.
I grabbed the side of his face and kissed him sweetly.
“I‘ll take that as a compliment.” he said as he stuck out his arm for me. I wrapped my arm around his and together we walked down the hallway and waited for Carson and Danny.
Danny’s POV
“You ready Carson?” I asked stunned by how she looked. I stuck my arm out and waited for a response.
She simply nodded and completely disregarded my arm. She headed down the hallway to meet up with Jason and Shell who were waiting by the elevator.
I followed her and got in as the door opened. When the doors opened to the lobby Shell walked out followed by Jason, then by Carson, then by me. We walked outside and went to the limo Jason had got for us. He opened the door for Shell, who got in and waited for us. Jason smiled and followed her. Carson quickly got in the car and sat down next to Shell, leaving me to the seat that usually fit three people.
Shell rolled her eyes and put a finger on each side of her temple then shook her head slightly. She then seemed to get an idea. She grabbed Jason’s face and kissed him. Carson quickly moved next to me, Shell smiled and tore away from Jason, who was surprised. Shell told the name of the restaurant to the driver, who nodded and pulled away from the curb and drove away. During the ride Shell and Jason talked about their week spent apart, Jason complained about the squirrels that followed him. Carson sat awkward and gave one word answers to every question directed at her; Shell seemed to get angrier at every answer Carson gave. We got out of the car and walked into the restaurant.
“Gellerd, table for four” Shell said to the hostess
The hostess checked her list, nodded then said “Right this way ma‘am”
When we reached our table Jason pulled out a chair for Shell. Carson pulled out her own chair before I and I sat down next to Carson. Shell gave her a warning glance and sat down herself. Jason sat down next to Shell and I sat down next to Carson. The entire meal was the same as the car.
~~Fast forward to after dinner~~
After Jason paid the bill, Shell suggested the park. We all agreed and went back to the limo. Carson knew better then to sit next to Shell to save herself from that again. Jason told the driver where to next, he told us that would be a thirty minute drive. Shell tried to start a conversation.
“So Danny…You skate board, you and Carson have that in common.”
“Yeah, but I ride a normal board” I answered
“Really. Carson what type of board do you ride?” Shell asked
“A long board” Carson mumbled
“I‘m sorry I can‘t hear you” Shell answered.
“Long board” she said a little louder
“One more time, please”
“A LONG BOARD!!!” Carson yelled.
Shell seemed to dislike her yelling and her face turned from a smile to a scowl. Carson and Shell were staring at each other and I looked over at Jason for help. He quickly took charge of the situation
“So Shell, is your mom okay with my being here?”
Shell’s face went from a scowl to one of horror in a split second. She looked at Jason, from her profile I could see her eyes showed shock “What makes you think my mom knows your here” She asked horrified
“Your mom calls you every day. She hasn‘t yet”
“No she hasn‘t”
“That‘s weird for her”
“She only calls that much when you’re with me. For your information” Shell said mortified
This continued until the car came to a halt, we got out of the car and Jason paid the driver “You have a goodnight” He said handing over the cash
“You too, sir” The driver said as he accepted the cash and drove off.
“Jason do you mind if I steal Shell away from you for a second?” I asked him as he turned around
He looked at Shell, who nodded, and turned to me “Sure”
I stuck my arm out which she took and together we walked passed a flabbergasted Jason and a still awkward Carson. It wasn’t until we were ten feet in front of them that we began to talk.
She spoke first “What can I do for you Danny?”
“What makes you think I want something? Why can’t we speak like friends? ” I tried to sound hurt but failed miserably.
“First off, we aren‘t good friends, I mean we dated but that‘s it. And second you are out with Carson while I‘m out with Jason, why would you want to spend that time with your ex?”
“That’s no reason, and I thought that I was just the coffee boy this time around”
“I‘m in love with Jason so I don‘t see why it matters. Plus when it’s just us you can be Danny my ex boyfriend turned acquaintance, around them your Danny the coffee boy.” She said playfully then she suddenly turned serious “That being said, you were my boyfriend. So of course I know what you want.”
“Fine Shell your right, I do want something. I know it’s wrong but I want Carson” I said in a guilty tone
“Tell me something I don‘t know Danny.”
“Wait! You know!” I said a little too loud
“Be a little more quiet please.”
“Yes ma‘am.”
“I know something you don‘t know”
“What is it?” I asked intrigued
“Carson likes you” She whispered almost inaudible
“Is that okay with you?”
“Danny, I love Jason. If you like Carson and Carson likes you then go out with her. I’m not going to be jealous because I don’t love you the way I love Jason.
“Good to know” I said as a huge smile came across my face.
“Good. Now go tell Jason I need him.”
She continued to walk as I stopped to wait for Carson and Jason.
“Hey Jason, Shell wants you.” I informed him
She stopped and waited not far ahead he ran slightly and together they walked down the path that led to a bridge. Carson and I continued to walk down a separate path. As we talked about skateboarding Carson became less tense.
Carson’s POV
I woke up to “Stop This Train” by John Mayer. I quickly realized it was Shell’s ring tone. I looked up and saw Jason all over Shell; I threw a pillow at them. They looked up surprised “What!?!” They yelled simultaneously.
“Your phone Shell!!!” I yelled back
“Oh!” Shell she said pushing Jason off of her. She hopped up and grabbed her phone from the small table on the other side of the room
“Hello?” She answered.
There was a short pause from her listening
“Mo Mo!!!” She yelled. “How have you been?”
I was instantly awake. I waited for Shell to talk again.
“I‘m sorry. It was spurring of the moment. You are coming next time, I promise” She said. Pause “He is here. He came yesterday. Why?” another pause “You’re kidding. That can‘t be. She wouldn‘t!”
“What‘s going on?” I asked
Shell shushed me with a wave of her hand. ”Hmm, well thanks Kat. Bye” She hung up her phone then and turned to Jason “My mother is looking for you”
“What?! Why?!” He asked
“She thinks you’re here” she sighed as she brought her hand to her temple, she only did this when she was stressed
I stood up then “What should we do now?”
Just then the sound of the “Psycho” theme filled the room. Shell reluctantly answered her phone
“Hello mom” she said sounding normal “Really, that‘s strange, wonder where he went” then she was silent but a sharp yelling sound could be heard from her phone. “MOM!!!” she yelled “This is entirely unnecessary to say to you but I‘m a virgin and I don‘t plan on changing that anytime soon” more silence, this time there was no noise made from her phone. “Bye mom” she said with a smile “oh wait! If you see Jason tell him I want to talk to him” she waited “Thanks. Bye” she hung up her phone and turned to Jason she gave him a quick kiss and said “She is worried that I‘m with you more than she thinks I am.”
“Why? Doesn‘t she know both you and I believe in abstinence?” He asked confused
“She is just being a mom” She said
“I know but a little bit too much sometimes” he said as he wrapped his arms around her waste
“I know” she said as her arms went around his neck
“I’m getting in the shower now!!!” I announced a little too loudly
“Okay” Shell said not really paying any attention
I grabbed some cloths and made a straight line for the bathroom.
~~ Fast forward ~~
I got out of the bathroom to see… An empty room. I looked around and saw a note that Shell had left, it was written in her favorite color and was in her hand writing. It read:
Jason and I went out so don’t worry, I have my phone if you need me. Let’s meet Danny at the coffee shop after his shift; I believe it ends at three. See you there if you decide to come, if you don’t give me a heads up so we don’t wait for you.
I love you more than tater tots,
I started cracking up at the end. I could not believe she remembered that. That was our joke awhile ago. We categorized Tater tots at the top of our list of things we loved and if we said we loved someone more than tater tots it was a high honor. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 12, I had been in the bath for an hour and a half trying to give them alone time so I did not have to see them like that.
Even though I thought they were cute Shell was my friend and I spent more time with her than with my family, Jason was like a brother to me and them together all the time became slightly disturbing. I grabbed my board and walked outside. I went to the park to kill sometime of course I fell only a hundred times yet only managed to injure my knees and my heels because I forgot to put high tops on. I went home took a shower and headed on out to the coffee shop,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jason’s POV
Shell and I walked to the coffee shop hand in hand.
“More wine gum?” She asked me
“Sure.” I replied. Wine gum is like lifesavers but you don’t get an even amount of flavors like you do for lifesavers.
She took one out and popped it in my mouth. We reached the coffee shop and saw Danny and Carson talking.
“Hey guys!” Shell yelled as we got closer.
Danny looked up with a look in his eyes that told me he didn’t want us there but because of who I am I had to impose.
“Maybe we should go” Shell whispered as she picked up on Danny’s pleading look
“He’ll be fine” I said trying to stop the smirk that was coming
“Hey Shell, hey Jason” Carson replied as she headed over to us.
Danny walked behind her with a look in his eyes that said go away. I stifled a chuckle, Shell felt me tremble from it and she looked up at me, her eyes told me to control myself. So I stopped and put on a small smile
“Shall we go?” I asked them
“Go where?” Carson and Danny asked simultaneously
“Jason thought we should all go out to lunch” Shell informed them, she squeezed my hand slightly and I squeezed back.
“Sounds fun” Carson said “Is that okay Danny?”
Danny looked at me for the answer. I raised my eyebrow in response, He looked at me with narrowed eyes and I glared at him. Shell squeezed my hand again, a little harder this time. I stopped and looked at Shell.
“Sounds good” He responded, his voice sounded a little cynical but Carson didn’t pick up on it
“You girls go ahead, we’ll be right behind you” I said
Shell grabbed Carson’s arm and she gave me a warning glance as she passed. I smiled and she walked away.
“So Danny… How are you?” I asked knowing Shell was still an ear shot so I was trying to be polite
“Good” He stated and he said no more
We were quiet for awhile because Shell could still here us. I grabbed his elbow and I stopped. He looked at me but did not ask questions.
As soon as Shell was out of ear shot I began to walk and he followed my lead.
“I don‘t appreciate the look I got when Shell and I came to get you guys” I said patiently
“Why do I care?” He asked me
“I can make or break your relationship.” I informed him with a smirk
“You think so?” He said slyly
“Yes I do, don‘t forget which one of us is going back to the U.S. with them” I said, my smirk was bigger now
His face became worried and then he regained control “She wouldn‘t do that to me.”
“Being the over protective big brother sort to her, I can pretty much say your relationship won‘t continue if we are in sunny California while you are here, in rainy England” I told him and just as I finished there was a torrential down pour of rain.
I looked forward and saw Shell and Carson run for cover and I ran to Shell. We began to play in the rain slightly while Carson and Danny looked at us from under the overhang they found. I grabbed Shell and slung her bridal style in my arms. She kissed me and I deepened it. I walked forward and went the overhang Danny and Carson were under. Shell tried to tear away but I stopped her with my hand, which I placed lightly on the back of her head. She didn’t protest and I moved my hand to hold her more securely in my arms. Her hands locked in to my hair and I stood there, Shell in my arms until she let go of my hair and pulled away. I groaned as she did so and she smiled at me “I think you’ll live” She whispered.
I groaned again and she kissed me lightly. I put her down and we looked to were Carson and Danny had been standing to see they were no longer there. We did however see the figure Danny pulling Carson along with him. I huffed and began to walk forward but Shell quickly stopped me by jumping in front of me. She grabbed my face and whispered “Don‘t worry about them, let‘s go to lunch” she kissed me when she finished. I nodded as she let me go and pulled away. It had stopped raining and we walked to the café hand in hand
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Carson’s POV
I was watching Shell and Jason one minute and being dragged down the street the next.
“Where the hell are you taking me?!” I asked Danny
“Away from here!” he shouted back
“Why? We are supposed to have lunch with them” I responded confused
Danny stopped when we reached an overhang. We were wet from the rain and the weather around us was getting worse.
“Wait, you want to go out with them?” He also seemed confused by it all
“I just thought that maybe you liked me and that you wanted to be alone. I guess I was wrong about it all” He sounded hurt
I suddenly reacted on impulse. I kissed him. His arms wrapped around my waist and my hands interlocked in to his hair. We stood there for a minute before I released his hair and stepped back. He loosened his grip on me and looked me in the eye for a second. I tried to fight back the impending tears but they came anyway. He looked at me worried
“Was I too fast? I shouldn‘t have pushed you.” He said putting himself down
“It‘s not that” I reassured him wiping away some tears
“Is it because I‘m a bad kisser?” He seemed even more worried about that
“That not at all it” I told him quickly
He smiled before continuing “Is it because of what happened between Shell and me?” He asked me but you could tell he instantly regretted it
I was confused about that one “Wait, what?”
“Um, never mind” he said averting my question
“No I need an explanation about that sentence”
“It‘s unimportant” He responded not looking at my face
“Let me be the judge of that” I told him
He looked away from me completely without an answer
“With Shell? That‘s impossible, she loves Jason” I said in utter disbelief
“It was a long time ago, before she ever met Jason” He told me still looking away
I was shocked, why wouldn’t she have told me about this. My breathing became rigid. All of the sudden a bunch of stressful thought’s came in to my head: I left my mom home alone on Christmas with the stupid dog, my closest friend was keeping secrets, and I left my sock on the plane and I really loved those socks!
“Are you okay?” He asked me worried
I couldn‘t answer. For once in my life I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t breathe, my vision was blurring. He looked at me worried. I tried to tell him not to look at me like that but when I opened my mouth to speak I lurched forward. He caught me quickly, I tried to free myself of his grip but couldn’t. He picked me up bridal style and walked towards the hotel. It went black.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shell’s POV
One minute Jason and I were holding hands as we drank coffee the next minute we saw a worried looking Danny, as he walked by with Carson in his arm’s bridal style. My eyes widened at this scene lay out before me.
“Let’s go!” Jason said quickly, whether if it was my face or his own worry that did this is unknown to me. He placed some money on the table as I burst through the door. He followed quickly and we ran down the street where we saw Danny disappear behind a corner. We caught up with him soon afterwards and I jumped in his path.
“Please move!” He shouted
“What the hell happened to her?!” I asked him as I saw she was unconscious
“I’ll explain when we get to the hotel!” he looked at me with pleading eyes
“Fine then, let‘s go!”
Jason stepped in front of him and put his arms out “Now!”
Danny rolled his eyes but set Carson’s limp form in Jason’s arms
“Thanks so much!” Jason said sarcastically before he turned and walked away from us. I shrugged and followed him, Danny a few paces behind us.
When we got to the hotel Jason set her on the bed and glared at Danny before looking back at Carson, Danny shot me a pleading look and I nodded.
“Jason could you please get me some water?” I asked him
He gave Danny a warning look as he walked over to my side. He pecked my lips before walking away.
After he left the room looked at me solemnly before looking at Carson again “She knows” he said softly
“Please tell me that that did not cause this” I said to myself, already knowing the answer
“I wish I could” he told me
“I thought we agreed to not repeat that to anyone” I said punching his arm, my hand began to hurt after that
“I didn‘t mean to, it just slipped out” he said, not even reacting to my punch
“Where the bloody hell is Jason?!?!” he exclaimed after a minute of total silence
“He went to go get me water” I told him
“How hard is it to get water?! There is a tap right there!”
“He isn‘t going to get me tap water. Knowing Jason he will probably get me mineral water”
“So you are too good for regular water now!?”
“No he just spoils me” I said glaring at him.
"Whatever" he rolled his eyes
I was about to slap him but Carson began to mumble. Either she was about to wake up or she was really tired.
"Shell?" she mumbled
I went over to her bed and knelt down by her side "Yes Hun?"
There was silence as she woke up completely. She sat up and looked me in the eye "How could you?" she sounded hurt
"I didn't do anything to you" I said stiffly "it was a trip I took right before high school. It shouldn't matter to you"
"You should have told me or Jason about this" she said.
Her words had stung. I had never kept anything from Jason, what was I now? Oh wait! I know! He gets jealous if I simply mention a guy’s name. I once had a friend named Charlie and he was so jealous, then I told him Charlie was short for Charlotte.
"Jason wasn't in the picture then. I don't owe him an explanation about who I use to date"
"You're right" I began to smile "You owe him so much more than that" I scowled "He loves you and has never lied to you and how do you treat him like now? Like dirt, that's how!" She said standing up. Although she was a few inches under me when I was at full height I suddenly felt smaller than her. Not physically but she was right, I was treating the one person I truly loved like dirt. I felt horrible at this revelation. I put my hands to my temple and gave in.
"You're right. Just let me be the one to tell him, please?" I asked of her.

She nodded and sat back down again. I was about to turn around and punch Danny in the eye when Jason came back in the room
“Here’s your water Hun” He said
I hadn’t realized I was crying until then. I wiped them away quickly before turning around to face him. He looked worried but passed me the water bottle.
“Jason we need to talk” His forehead creased in further worry but he nodded. I took the water bottle from him then and he walked out the door first. I began to cry again so to let it out I threw the water bottle at Danny’s head, and like I wanted it to it hit him square in the nose. I glared at him and walked out of the room. I could not find Jason when I looked up and down the hallway so I called his phone
“Where are you?” I asked him
“On the way to the bridge, meet me there” He seemed cold and distant
“Okay, be there in a few” I told him before I hung up.
I walked to the bridge and saw him standing there waiting for me. I had not thought of how to say this but I decided to do this off the cuff instead.
“Hey” I said with a smile. I went to kiss him; he received it but did not return it. I frowned slightly and tried to figure out what was suddenly wrong, he didn’t know about Danny and I yet, right? I shook my head and looked at him confused,
“I think we should break up” He announced after several minutes of silence
I lurched forward and grabbed my sides, my worst nightmare was coming true and I hadn’t even mentioned my news. I suddenly had trouble breathing and my vision was blurring, “What? Why?” I asked panicked
“We should just go our own ways” he said calmly.
I had to gain control; I vowed to never let Jason see me in such pain. I took a deep breath and let my sides go. “If that’s what you think” I said to him
“I do” He said coldly
“Okay then” Let’s go get your stuff from the hotel then. I said as I began to walk away from this dreaded place. I could feel him following behind me, scrutinizing me for any small give away of my true pain. I would not show weakness, not now anyway, maybe when it’s just Carson and I. We walked back in total silent and I let him in. I leaned against the doorway not really seeing what was happening with Carson and Danny, my focus was solely on Jason. He grabbed his stuff and walked out the door without as much as a good bye. I looked up and saw Carson looking at me like I was going to crack at any minute and tell her something devastating. I couldn’t though. I let my tears flow and I sank to the floor. Carson and Danny were by my sides in seconds, both of them showing the same face, one that was truly angry at Jason
Danny’s POV
I looked at Shell, her eyes filled with tears. Carson and I had just finished kissing after she had forgiven me and now this happens. Was it wrong of me to want to kill the person who broke my ex-girlfriends heart? It couldn’t be, we were becoming friends recently and we got along better now than we did then, but maybe it did mean something. Could this deep rooted anger towards the person who had walked out the door really be more than I wanted it to be? No, it wasn’t, this was confirmed when I looked at Carson and saw her eyes change color. I know it seems wrong but I suddenly forgot why they had changed colors. Then she looked out the door disgusted and then back at Shell
Carson’s POV
“What did he do?” I demanded of Shell, who was now having a panic attack.
She couldn’t answer me.
“Shell, Did he break up with you!?!” I demanded of her. “Nod if the answer is yes”
She nodded her head quickly. I became furious. I stood up and dashed out of the room. I saw him down the hallway and ran at him at full speed. I jumped on his back and bit his neck. He put his arm up to grab me and I bit his fore arm. I jumped down and he turned around “What the hell!?!?” he asked but I took this opportunity to punch him in the stomach and then kick him in the groin
“She is my best friend. Break her heart and I break you. I warned you of that a long time ago, and I meant it” I said to him before Shell was heard from behind me
“Hey Carson, please don‘t” She said, Danny was supporting her while she kept one arm around her side.
I looked down at Jason and back at her and then at him again. “You‘re so lucky” I said to him before walking.
I walked back to Shell and gave her a hug “It will be okay” I whispered in her ear. She nodded slightly, her breath was still rigid.
“I‘ve got it!” I said as I suddenly had a stroke of genius. I looked down the hallway to see the doors of the elevator closing with Jason staring at us through them. I glared at him and walked back in the room, Danny and Shell behind me. I grabbed a bottle of soda and ran to the balcony. I waited for Jason to pass underneath us. The bottle was open and tipped so it would fall at the right time. I saw the familiar head of hair and poured the soda down and hit him “Take that Sticky!!!” I yelled at him as he looked up at me in shock. I stuck my tongue out at him and he walked away looking disturbed “All better!!!” I said as I walked back into the room
“Take that Sticky?” Danny questioned
“Got a problem with it” My hand wrapped around another bottle of soda
“Not at all” he said quickly
“Good” I said to him before looking over at Shell “What‘s so funny?” I asked her as I saw her half smile and she was shaking, and not in the ‘I can’t breathe’ way but in the ‘lol, that was funny’ way
“It was the take that Sticky that made it” She said before she cracked up
“At least you‘re happy” I laughed with her
“True!!!” She said, her arms wrapped around her stomach in and ‘ouch, don’t make me laugh it hurts’ way
“Are you all right?” I asked her
She stopped laughing and her body was the same as it was before her laughing. I had failed
“Yeah, I‘m perfect” She said half-sarcastically, half-upset.
She walked into the bath room, slamming the door behind her; I looked at Danny and sighed sadly
Jason’s POV
As I walked away from the hotel covered in some soda product or another I was thinking about why I had done this. I loved her and I knew that and she knew that, that is why she looked so hurt when I told her it was over. She recovered herself but her face was the same when she saw Carson beating me up in the hall. She was clutching to her sides and gasping for breath, unable to support herself. I was an idiot for hurting her, but I couldn’t let her tell me her news. She was going to tell me she still had feelings for that asshole. Danny what-ever-his-name-is, she still wanted him and you could tell, maybe I was just being jealous but I had had enough. She smiled when she saw him and she laughed at his jokes like she does at mine. It was too much to handle. I tried to get a cab but they wouldn’t let me get in because I was sticky, so I walked to the airport. When I got there I got a ticket and waited for the plane.
Shell’s POV
I walked in to the bathroom and slid down the door and sat on the floor. I cried for awhile. “Why would he do this to me?” I asked myself “What did I do? I was going to confess that I once had a thing with Danny but it was over years ago.” I stood up and looked in the mirror. “What did I do?” I asked my reflection. I thought for a moment “OMG!!! No way!!! He couldn’t think that!!!” I yelled suddenly.
“Shell, Are you okay!?!” I heard Carson yell outside the door
“I‘m fine!” I yelled back. I opened the door, and looked at her. She looked worried at first. I looked back at the mirror to see tears in my eyes.
“Hun! Calm down! These are because I‘m happy” I told her as I turned back around
“Happy about what?” She asked confused
“For once in my life I‘m happy Jason is an idiot!” I told her between laughs
“What do you mean?”
“He thinks I still have feelings for Danny, which I don‘t by the way.”
“You think?” She asked as she started to laugh
“It‘s the only thing. He is an overprotective ass. He has done this before, he just hasn’t gone this far” I told her
“OMG! You‘re right!”
“I know! But I’m going to make him sit it out, make him suffer for this one”
“Seriously Shell? That will hurt you as well” She said to me
“I know but he will regret it” I told her with an evil smile.
“I know that smile” Carson began to smile as well
“Then you know what I‘m thinking”
“I believe I do”
“Than what is it?”
“You‘re thinking that you want tacos too”
“No I‘m just kidding, but I do want tacos”
“Then let‘s get you some tacos. Just you and me”
“Okay.” She turned around to Danny “Stay here, we are going to get lunch together”
“Please let me come” He begged
“Okay you can come” She gave in
“No he can‘t!!!” I yelled and looked at her sternly
“What?! Why not?!” He complained
“Because I said so” I said giving him a fiery glare.
“Yes ma‘am” He said quickly
“Good. Now let‘s go Carson” I said as I grabbed a hoodie and headed towards the door. I turned around and smiled at her
“Bye, Danny” She said, and she gave him a kiss and followed me
Lorelai’s POV
“She bit me Lore!” He told me
“No, she didn’t” I argued
“Not just once Lore, but twice!” He shouted, he pulled up his sleeve and I saw the teeth marks on his fore arm
“Where’s the other one?” I asked him
“It’s on my neck!” He turned his neck and pulled down his turtle neck to reveal another set of teeth marks.
“Wow” I said completely surprised
“I can’t believe Carson bit me, we are friends”
“You were friends” I corrected him
“What do you mean?”
“Remind me of what she said to you before she walked away”
“She said ‘She is my best friend, break her heart and I break you.’ Why does that matter?”
“Sorry Jas… You are out of there completely, no more friendship with anyone in that group.”
“Not even Kat?”
“Especially not Kat if you don’t want to die”
“You’re right”
“I know I’m right”
“She poured soda on me”
“That’s a little strange”
“The entire plane ride home this little kid sitting next to me kept sticking things to me” he told me
“Alright then… This was Carson right?”
“Yep, you should have seen Shell’s face. I really hurt her”
“I’m sure. Why did you do it?”
“She has feeling for someone else”
“Who might this person be?”
“Carson’s new boyfriend”
“Why do you think she has feeling for him?”
“She always smiled at him”
“Was he with Carson when she smiled?”
“Yeah she was, why?”
I rolled my eyes “No reason”. What an idiot! Shell was smiling because Carson was happy after what the scumbag did to her! I didn’t like Shell because she was dating him but seriously, she did not deserve to be hurt like that.
“I have to go Jason” I said standing up.
“Okay Lore, see you later” He stood up as well. He gave me a hug and we walked out of the Fridays we had had lunch in. We went our separate ways once outside.
“Idiot” I mumbled as I walked away
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Shell’s POV
“Let’s go Carson!!!” I yelled as we tried to board our plane.
She was with Danny, saying good bye. One week and he would be joining us, he was going to take part in a sponsor program and my parents were going to do it, since they knew him already. Carson and Danny could not wait one week though, school was starting up again in a couple of days and we had to get ready
“I’m coming!”Carson called after kissing him again
She grabbed her bags and we checked them in, Danny still behind us. She turned around and kissed him again
“Hey Carson, do you remember when we were trying to leave for England?”
She tore away “Yeah why?”
“Do you remember what you said to Jason and me so we could leave?”
“Yes” She frowned
“Then let’s go!”
“I’m coming.” She kissed him again “I’ll see you in a week”
“I’ll call you everyday”
“With the time change that might not work”
“I’ll make it work” he reassured her
“Good” she said with a smile. They kissed again and we left him standing there so we could board our plane.
~~Fast forward to landing~~
“It’s good to be home” I said to her
“Yep” She whipped out her phone and called Danny. “We are here. Gotta go”
“Thanks for making that one short” I said to her
“No prob” she said to me
We walked to where the baggage claim was to see my parents, Carson’s mom, and Lorelai Chandler. Our luggage was already by them
“Hey mom and dad, I missed you” I said giving them a hug.
“Hi mom, how have you been?” Carson asked her mom
“What’s up with you Pew!?!”I asked as I went to face Carson and her mother, who we called Pew
“Not much Shell, how about you?”Pew asked
“Nothing major” I lied to her. She saw the pleading look in my eyes that asked her not to continue because I’d tell her later.
“Good kiddo” Pew said with a smile and a nod
Our parents began to talk as we walked over to Lorelai
“What do you want?” I asked her
“I wanted to make sure you were okay. What Jason did to you was terrible”
“I know, but I have a plan. So butt out of it”
“I will, good luck Shell. He thinks you have feeling for Danny, whoever that is”
“I know that, thank you though Lorelai” I said with a forced smile
“You’re welcome. I should go now”
“Okay, bye Lorelai” Carson and I both said
She walked away.
“So he turned to her” I said to myself
“She seems like she wants you to get him back”
“Because it would be an unfair fight if he was single”
“Shell, maybe she is being sincere”
“Fine but if she tries to get him then I’ll punch her”
“At least let me do it, you’re not the strongest puncher”
“Thanks Carson” I said with a slight smile
“You’re welcome Shell”
We then walked back to our families and walked out of the airport
~~ Fast Forward to Valentine’s Day (It’s also the day that would be Jason and Shell’s Anniversary) ~~
“Morning Shell!” I said as I saw her that morning at school
“Good morning, Hun” she said with a half smile
“What’s wrong?”I asked, slightly worried. She looked at me as if I was crazy. “Oh… right, sorry”
“Tis okay” She said with a reassuring smile. She turned to her locker, which was placed conveniently right next to mine and opened it up. She pulled out a book and sighed. Right before she turned back to face me Daniel appeared out of nowhere and kissed me. As I pulled away I looked at where Shell had been standing to see her half way to down the hall.
“Was that really necessary?” I asked him as I smacked him in the gut with my notebook. As usual he didn’t react to the hit to the gut
“Hey! I came all the way from England to be with you, the least I should get is a kiss on Valentine’s Day!” he complained
“Well she is still hurt from her break up with Jason, although she doesn’t like to show it. Plus today would have been their anniversary” I informed him
“Fine, I’ll be a little easier today, okay?”
“Thanks so much” I said sarcastically and then I gave him a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll see you later”
“Have a nice day” he said with a smile.
I nodded and walked, okay ran, after Shell, She can travel fast when she wants to. “Hey Shell wait up!” I called. She slowed down but she seemed as if she didn’t want to.
“What’s up Hun?” She asked as I caught up, she seemed slightly peeved.
“I thought we were going to make plans for the week end”
“Hmm, I was going to work and the dog shelter this weekend. You are welcome to join me” She said
“That sounds fun!” I said sarcastically
“Is that a no?”
“No, I’ll go. We could have a good time”
“Okay.” She said as the first bell rang. I looked at Shell, who had this need to be early to all her classes; she looked like she was struggling with the whether she should stay with her best friend or go to her class.
“Just go!” I said finally.
“Thank you! I’ll see you later!” She said as she walked away, she leapt up the stairs quickly. I smiled and then walked the opposite way to my own class.
Shell’s POV
“Come on!”I yelled as Carson sluggishly walked in to the dog shelter
“I’m coming!” She yelled after me.
We finally made it to the door. I pushed is open and walked in, Carson one step behind me. I took off my jacket and set it on the chair, I turned around to pet the dog that was running around my legs “How did you get out?”I asked the small dog. I heard a deep chuckle and saw a pair of feet close by. I looked up and saw a very handsome man in front of me, with a huge smile on his face. “Hi” I said, my breath running short
“Hello, how can I help you?” He asked in an amazingly harmonic voice that was deep.
“Oh no, I work here and she came to help out” I informed him as I stood up
“I see”
“Where is Anna?” I asked, wondering where the manger of the shelter was
“She couldn’t come in today and I’m her brother so she asked me to keep an eye on things while she was ill”
“Anyway, I’m Brad” He said with a crooked smile
My heart skipped a beat and my breath left me
“I’m Carson and this is Shell” Carson said realizing my lack of air
“Well okay ladies, you know what to do I assume” Brad looked at me. I simply nodded. “Alright then. We should get to work” he smiled at me again, grabbed the dog, who was still running around our legs, and walked away
I was about to fall over but quickly caught myself on the chair close by “Oh jeez, not this again” I mumbled, I had gone through a similar thing with Jason except I could actually mange to speak to him.
“You’ll be fine” Carson said.
“I know. He is really hot though, probably not available too”
“Too bad”
“Let’s start working then”
And with that we worked through the day. As Brad and I talked my breathing became regular again and it was easier to hang out with him.
It was five and Carson had made plans with Kat to go out so we got ready to leave, we were on our way out when Brad stopped us
“Hey Shell” He called after me
“Yeah” I said as I turned around with a smile
“Do you want to go out with me tonight? I think we should talk”
“Umm” I looked at Carson who gave me a quick nod “Sure, okay”
“Meet me on the beach at 8”
“Okay” I said as he walked away. I stared after him, picking up a certain vibe as he walked, and turned back to Carson “I think I know what he wants to talk about”
I quickly whispered in her ear
“You think?” She asked, she watched him walk away after I told her what I thought “OMG, you’re right” she whispered
“As usual” I said rolling my eyes, “It’s too bad too”
“Extremely too bad”
“Oh well. Perhaps it means something”
“That you should get back with Jason?”
“You know I’m forming an ‘I Hate Jason Fan Club’ right?”
“And you’re okay with that”
“As long as you have a creative outlet other than his head”
“Fine then. Let’s go to Kat’s, we were going to the mall by the beach. Perhaps Brad will join us instead”
“Perhaps” Shell said as we walked away
Kat’s POV
I heard a knock on the door. I rushed to it, excepting Carson to be there and I was surprised to see both Carson and Shell. “Hello Loves!” I said as I gave them both hugs. “What are you doing here?”
“I have to go to the beach with Brad and you guys are going close by, perhaps we could go together and meet up afterwards.” Shell informed me
“Oh, that’s cool” I said with a smile “How have you been? And who is this Brad guy?”
“I’ve been as best as I could be. Brad is this guy at the shelter, he is quite handsome but I can’t go out with him”
“Well why not?” I asked, slightly intrigued
“Well, first because I love Jason, and second because…You’ll find out when you see him” She said simply
“You can’t be hung up on Jason Michelle!” I cried. She flinched at the sound of her actual name
“I shouldn’t be Mo Mo, but I’m completely and irrevocably in love with him. I can’t help it, not in the very least” she said, a tear in her eye
“Fine then.” I decided to drop the subject “Why did you flinch when I said your name?”
“I don’t know, maybe because I’m used to being called Shell, even by my parents, unless I’m in trouble.”
“I see” I said “Where is Carson?” A hand came out of the office
“Here!” she cried
“Don’t do anything bad!” I yelled back to her. She stuck her hand back out in a thumbs up
“Anyway, what shall we do?” Shell asked me
“I’m not sure. What was with all the bags Carson was carrying? And what took you guys so long? She was supposed to be here an hour ago!” I exclaimed
“Those two are actually intertwined” She told me “Carson wanted to go to that store with those leather jackets she likes and the to the craft store. It’s a good thing she can drive or we would have had to walk and that would have taken even longer!”
“Why?” I asked totally confused
“I’m pretty sure I have a good idea”
“Care to elaborate?”
“No, I think you will find out soon enough”
“Okay then. Want to watch TV while we wait? I think ‘Juno’ is coming on Starz”
“Cool!!!” she shouted as she ran to the living room. She grabbed the remote and sat on the couch happily. I sat down as she found her channel.
She quoted the movie almost the entire time and sang along to her favorite songs. We laughed at the funny parts and talked through the part where Juno and Bleeker are snuggling because Shell said ‘It ruined the movies funny factor’. We turned the movie off when the credits finished rolling when we heard the office door shut. We turned around to see a piñata in the likeliness of Jason.
“There is my creative outlet!!” Carson cried “Mwuhahahahahahahaha -cough-”
“Ah boy” Shell mumbled
“It is the official piñata of the I hate Jason club! Want to join as my VP?” Carson asked me
“Well duh!” I cried
“Good! We even have jackets!” she yelled excitedly as she turned around. She was wearing a leather jacket with letters that spelled out ‘I HATE JASON!’ on the back
“I want one!” She quickly shoved one in my hands. I put it one at once.
“At least it is creative” Shell said laughing slightly
“Yep!” Carson said happily
“Now take those jackets off and let’s go to the beach. You can meet brad if we go now, Kat”
“Okay!” I said taking mine off
“I’m keeping mine on though!” Carson yelled
“Fine then Sparky, Let’s go!” Shell said quickly
“Who’s driving?” I asked
“You can!” shell said heading to the door
“I call DJ seat!” Carson shouted, already out the door
“Okay!” I said as I locked up the house and got in the car. Carson was happily sitting in the passenger’s seat and Shell was sitting in the back, strapped in with two seat belts. “Thanks a lot Shell. Why don’t you trust my driving?” I asked
“I trust you; I just don’t trust the innocent people who will be on the sidewalk that you like to run over” She told me referring to a joke I made about how I wouldn’t run over a squirrel but instead the people on the sidewalk that I didn’t like.
“Take off the extra seat belt” I said darkly
“NO” I glared at her “Fine” she took them both off and move over to sit behind Carson
“Now let’s go!” I sped out of the drive way and reached the beach quickly. When we got there Shell was holding on to the seatbelt for dear life “Come on Shell, we are here”
“O-okay” she said slowly releasing the seatbelt and unlocking it. She opened the door and scrambled out of the car. She ran ten feet away from us and grabbed a pole
“Shell, are you okay?” Carson asked walking over to her
“I-I’m f-f-fine”
“Are you sure? You don’t look like it” I told her
“Y-yeah, I’m o-okay”
“Then let go of that pole” I challenged
“Shell, it will be okay” Carson told her
“I’m okay.” Shell recovered “I’m just never going in your car again!!!” she let go of the pole
“Fine then” I said to her “Now where is this Brad?” Shell looked down the beach and smiled
“Over there” She said and we walked down the beach “Hello Brad” she said with a smile
“Hey Shell” He said smiling back “Hey there Carson”
“And who might this young lady be?” He asked Shell
“Oh! Sorry, this is Kat!” she said quickly
“Well, it’s nice to meet you Kat” He said with a smile. He stuck his hand out for me to shake
“Mo mo doesn’t do handshakes” Carson whispered as she saw that I was looking at his hand strangely
“Oh, sorry” he said taking back his hand and opening his arms for a hug
“That’s better” I said. I gave him a hug. “It’s nice meeting you too” I smiled
He turned to Shell “We should go, I have dinner plans” He told her
“Oh, okay. I’ll catch up to you two in the mall later” She said to us both “Let’s go!” She said and the two began to walk up the beach
I turned to Carson “What’s wrong with him?!? He is perfect! Why won’t she date him?!?” I asked
“Watch him walk AWAY” She mumbled. I looked at the retreating figures
“Oh…wow! You couldn’t tell talking to him”
“I know”
“Hmmm. Well then…To the mall!!!!”
“Ugh!” I gave her a stern look “I mean, YAY!!!!! The mall!!!!”
“Yay!!!” I grabbed her hand and ran to the mall near-by
Emma’s POV
I walked in to Friday’s and found one of our usual tables in the back was taking by a couple, I did not care about who they were but I almost demanded they move. Natalie quickly grabbed my arm when she saw my face
“Be calm.” She whispered. The plus side to having a best friend was that she could always tell when you temper was rising or when you were feeling really happy or really sad. My temper went down when I saw the table right behind our table was open. Natalie also saw it and motioned towards it to the hostess. We were quickly sat there. We sat there with our drinks after a few minutes as we waited for the rest of our group. Gaby and Spencer walked in first and they found us and quickly got their drinks as well. After ten more minutes Ashley, Mandy, and Danielle were the last to join us. We had to combine three tables to fit us all, as usual. They ordered their drinks and we all ordered dinner. As the group sat there talking as they ate I fell quiet, I had heard a familiar voice from behind me. It was the voice of Michelle, sitting in one of the tables we had usually occupied. I sat there silently as I listened to her
“And I thought we could work that out!” She said the sarcasm in her voice was obvious to anyone with ears.
“Is it that plan?” I heard a male voice ask. I thought that maybe she had worked it out with Jason when I realized it was her but this voice was British, Jason was Canadian.
“Only when I saw you walk away” she told him
“I’ll work on that”
“Why? Nobody cares really”
“True I suppose. So tell me more about this Jason fellow?”
“Hmmm….Jason is the love of my life. He-”
“Can you two really feel that way at your age?”
“Apparently so” She told him
“Right” the guy said sounding skeptic. They stopped talking then.
If I went to Jason and just happened to forget the last bit of that conversation then I could tell him that Shell had moved on and was going out with a British dude. The even more convenient thing about that was that the only British boy at our school was Carson’s boyfriend, Danny. I had won!
“Later ladies” I said standing up
“What’s wrong?” Gaby asked me
“Nothing” I told her
“Are you sure you don’t want to talk?” Danielle asked
“Yes, I’m fine” I said as I took my wallet out of my purse
“You don’t seem it” Spencer observed
“Very true” Ashley agreed
“You should lie down” Mandy told me
“Ladies! I’m sure she is fine, she would just like to leave” Natalie shouted as I dropped fifty bucks on the table to make sure I had covered myself
“Thanks, I’ll see you all at school tomorrow” I said as I walked away
I walked out of the restaurant calmly until I reached the corner of the street on the opposite side of the place. I then ran down the street until I heard a snap and my foot turning to the side from the heel of my stilettos breaking “Dammit!” I shouted as I slipped my shoes off and continued to weave through people.
I quickly came to Jason’s apartment building. He moved out as soon as he could and got this apartment in hopes that Michelle would one day move in with him. I finally found his place on the second floor and knocked several times.
“What do you want?” He asked as he opened the door, he looked miserable. I almost turned back now. But instead I used her nickname to make him furious with her
“Shell is out with Danny” I told him. His eyes widened
“Not again!” He shouted and he quickly grabbed a leather jacket off the coat hangers by his door “Thanks!” he yelled as he slammed his door and fumbled to lock it
“You’re welcome!” I called as he ran down the hallway and down a flight of stairs. I smiled and walked gingerly through his tracks. I walked back to my house and watched ‘Mean Girls’
Carson’s POV
“Oh! That is cute!” Kat shouted
“Ugh” I said, thinking it was almost inaudible but of course Kat heard it and glared at me “Let’s go look at it closer!” I shouted hoping she would do so. She did.
As we walked in the store I suddenly heard a familiar voice calling
“CARSON!!!” It shouted from the other end of the mall. I glared at him as he ran towards us and Kat did the same from my side
“What do you want?!” Kat asked before I could open my mouth to speak
“To talk to Carson. ALONE”
“Good freakin luck with that. You should be glad that your apartment isn’t blown up yet” she said to him, Even though she was 9 inches shorter he was cringing away from her.
“Fine fine. We still need to talk” I did not speak but simply turned around and showed him my jacket. “Oh” he said saddened
“Anything else?” I asked politely as I turned back around to face him. Kat was giggling my side now.
“Yes, actually” He said after he recovered “Umm… Shell is out with Danny!”
“How dare you say such a thing!!” Kat yelled
“Danny is out looking for a job and Shell is…” the eager look on his face was priceless “It shouldn’t matter to you any more; you broke up with her Jason. End of your Fairy Tale with her.”
He stood there in shock and Kat pulled me away and we walked in to the store whose name I didn’t care about. He still looked shocked as I turned around to look at him. He saw me and quickly walked away
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shell’s POV
“Hey Ladies!” Brad said as we approached Carson and Kat sitting at a table in the Food Court
“Hey” Carson said as she looked up from whatever she was eating
“What are you two up to?” I asked as Brad and I sat down at their table
“Just drinking some Earl Grey” Kat told me before talking a sip of her tea
“And water while eating a giant cookie from Starbucks” Carson told me. Her eyes were a greenish color as she said it “Cookie makes me happy” she said with a smile
“I can tell” I told her with a smile
“I’m going to get some coffee. Do you want anything Shell?” Brad asked as he stood up
“Sure but I’m not in the mood for coffee. How about a Strawberry and Cream Frappichino?”
“Sure thing” He said as he walked away
“No coffee for Shell Shell?” Carson asked me a bit if concern in her eyes. I had stopped drinking coffee since my break up but I had tried to hide that from her
“Not today Sparky” I told her with a smile
“Why did you call her Sparky?” Kat asked me
“It was a nick name I gave her after a ‘flame on’ incident a few years ago.”
“Sparky?” she pushed
“She said flame on and the fire got really big and almost burned eyebrows off”
“Why the name though?”
“It was either that or Arson but that is too close to her actually name” I told her with a smile
“Oh, okay. That makes perfect sense!” She said, sarcasm lacing her words. She sipped her tea and ate some of Carson’s giant cookie.
I smiled and looked past them both and at the line of Starbucks to see where Brad was. However, before I could even find him another person caught my eye as he turned away from the line. He was drinking a Mocha Frap and had piece of Cinnamon Swirl cake in his hands, our usual.
“Jason” I muttered breathlessly
“What!?” Kat yelled as she whipped around in her seat
“Don’t go over there Shell Shell! He thinks you have moved on. He came to us earlier. Don’t crawl back to him, like he wants you too” Carson told me
“Don’t you dare Michelle” Kat warned as she turned around. I flinched as she said my name
“I’ll be right back” I mumbled as I stood up. I had seen him before but I had the urge to go and talk to him now.
“Please Shell, don’t do it” Carson begged. Her hands were curled in to fists, I was making her angry
“You have to understand. I have to. I can’t help it” I told her
“If you must then do it” She looked at me and understood me quickly. Kat sat there stiffly as I passed.
I walked over to that table that Jason occupied. “Hello there” I said “Is this seat taken?”
Jason’s POV
I cringed at the voice I heard “Are you okay?” she asked me. I gulped and then looked up
“Hey. You can sit and yes I’m fine” I told her, responding to her questions in order
“Thanks” She said as she sat gracefully
“What’s up?” I asked
“Okay. What about you?”
“Not too good” I admitted
“That is your own fault” she told me, not a hint of judgment in her face
“My fault?! Why is it my fault?!”
“Why did you break up with me?” She asked curiously
“You have feelings for Daniel”
“What makes you think that?”
“The way you act around him! You always smile at him!”
“Hmmm…Is he with Carson when I do it?” She knew the answer, which was obvious in her expression
“Why does everyone ask me that?! Yes! You do! Why does that matter?!” I asked
“Put it together! Carson is my best friend. I like to see her happy. She likes Daniel. Daniel likes her. Daniel makes her happy” she told me
I took a minute to think about it, my mind much slower than it was when I had to be quick thinking to keep up with her and Carson “Oh” I said
“Very good Canada” she said with a smile
“So are you with him now?” I asked as I saw the guy she must have been with earlier walk back to the table
“Nope, completely available”
“Skylar would be happy to hear that”
“He would, wouldn’t he?” She stated as she moved closer from the other side of the table
“I’ll make sure he knows that” I told her as I scooted closer
“Good” She said as she moved even closer
“What about us?” I asked, our faces just an inch apart
She kissed me as if that answered my question and I kissed her back happily.
She pulled away because her phone rang. “Hello?” I waited patiently “Seriously?! Fine, I’ll be right there!”She hung up “I’ll be right back” as she stood up. She walked over to where Carson and Kat sat. She spoke to them, an agitated look to her body. She shrugged over and walked back over, Carson and Kat on her heels.
“Hey Ladi-” I was cut off
“If you hurt her you will regret it!” Kat yelled at me
“Break her heart and I break your face!” Carson yelled
“Sorry” Shell said as she sat next to me and took my hand.
“I’ll do more than break his face!” Kat yelled
“We’ll blow up his house!” Carson yelled
“LAIDES!!! PLEASE!!!” They stopped talking at once “I won’t hurt her! That would hurt me too! Trust me! I won’t do it!”
“Please guys. Don’t make this a bigger deal” Shell pleaded
The two looked at her with apologetic eyes and then looked at me with eyes of scrutiny. “Fine” they both said simultaneously.
The mystery boy walked up then with two things in his hands, He passed the pink frap to Shell. I thought it might have been the wrong drink until she took it and drank happily.
“Oh!” She said as she swallowed “Brad, this is Jason! Jason this is Brad!” She introduced us each in turn. I would have stood up except Shell still had my hand in her grip and I didn’t want to ruin that.
“Hi” I said to Brad with a fake smile, trying to keep it together for the sake of my relationship with Shell
“Hello mate” Brad said with a genuine smile. I examined him for a fault in his smile but found none.
“I’m going to go” Brad announced to Shell “Want me to give you a ride?” I opened my mouth to snap her answer to him but she squeezed my hand before I spoke
“No thanks. It was nice being out with you though” She told him with a smile as she stood up. She dropped my hand and walked over to him. They hugged for a while, mumbling in each other’s ears low enough so only they could hear it and the pulled away. He kissed her check and smiled as she brushed some hair out of his face and tucked it behind his ear. “Thank you” she told him and they hugged again. Anger was pumping through my veins; I could hear it in my ears. I forced a smile as she turned to me and he walked away.
“So…yeah” Shell said awkwardly
“Should we go?” Carson asked Kat and Shell
“Yes! Let’s go Shell!!!” Kat said as she wrapped her arm around Shell’s elbow and tried to pull her away
“Hold it ladies!” Shell shouted as she dug her heels down, in Converse it didn’t do much but help Kat drag her away
Shell’s POV
“What?! We are bringing you home!” Kat shouted at me
“Please stop!” I shouted
“Fine” Kat said sadly
“What’s up Shell Shell?” Carson asked
“I’m going with Jason” I told them
“Why?” Kat asked
“They are getting back together” Carson said after a second
“Precisely” I said with a smile “I love you two but I love him too and defiantly not in the same way.”
Kat stood there in silence “Are you sure? He isn’t going to hurt you again, right?”
I opened my mouth to answer but Carson beat me to it “She is sure. And he better not hurt her”
“Thank you Sparky” I said with a smile
“No problem Shell Shell”
“Now, please go home. Enjoy your nights I’ll see you Monday Sparky and I’ll see you soon as well Kat” I told them both. Kat dropped my arm and walked a few inches away from me before opening her arms for a hug. I gave her one and then I gave Carson a high five. Kat still looked sad though so I thought of something “Hey Kat, I saw this really cute dress as Brad and I were heading over there. Maybe you should go check it out, it was your style”
“Squee!” Kat shouted as she grabbed Carson’s arm. She dragged her down the mall in search of a cute dress
“Now we shall go” I said to Jason. He took my hand and we walked out of the mall silently.

Jason’s POV
We walked through the parking lot aimlessly as we “searched” for my car. After about ten minutes of this she finally spotted my red Volvo “You knew where it was the whole time didn’t you?” she accused
“Perhaps” I told her with a childish grin. She smiled back and walked to the car, towing me behind her. I opened her door for her but she just stared at it
“I should probably get in” she said to herself
“Most likely”
“I don’t want to get in” she told me
“I don’t want you to get in either”
“Why not?” she asked me after a moment’s thought
“Because that will mean the end of today, we just got back together and now the day is over” I told her “What about you?”
“So what do we do about that?”
“Nothing that I can think of” we stood there for a moment. I had an idea of how to end the day. I grabbed her waist and swung her around till her back was towards the car. I shut the door swiftly and leaned her against it
“Jason?” she said as if it was a question
“Shell” I told her like it was the answer. I leaned my body against hers and leaned my face the few inches I had to go for my lips to touch hers. We stood there for several moments without speaking but just looking in each other’s eyes. I was about to kiss her when we heard a voice
“I cannot believe she still wants to be with him!”
“Even after what he did to her!” the voices were way too familiar for our likings
“Should we move?” I asked Shell
“I don’t know. Hold on a sec” she whispered
“I will kill him if he hurts her again!”
“I’ll blow up his house and laugh as I do it!”
“Maybe we should” I said slowly but it was too late.
“Wow, those two are really close together” Carson said
“And really close to my car” Kat responded “Umm, excuse me! Can you please move, I need to get in to my car” Shell touched my chest and I moved off of her. She stood up and fixed herself before turning to them
“Ello Loves” she said with a sarcastic tone. I moved to the front of my car and watched them
“Shell!” Kat yelled surprised
“We thought you two had left” Carson told her
“Not quite yet” Shell told them, anger was lacing her voice
“Sorry Shell Shell” Carson said
“Yeah, yeah. Perhaps you two should go now” Shell said bitterly
“Okay” the two said simultaneously and they walked to their car doors. Shell moved to stand beside me as Kat got in to her seat. Carson waved and Shell nodded back. We watched as the car slowly disappeared around the corner. We stood there silently as she thought about something. I interrupted her
“Now, where were we?” I asked as I grabbed her waist and spun her around. I leaned her against the hood of my car and kissed her passionately
“Here seems about right” she said as I kissed her jaw line. I moved back up to her mouth and we kissed for a minute before I felt her hands on my chest, my signal to get off of her.
“Are you sure you want to stop?” I asked before kissing her jaw line again
“No, I don’t bu-” she started but my lips crashed in to hers before she finished. She let me proceed for a couple more minutes before her hands were to my chest again. I sighed but continued to kiss her as I grabbed her waist and pulled her back up with me. I moved down her neck and proceeded there for several more minutes before letting her go “We done now?” she asked me with a slight smile. I looked at her neck and then back at her eyes
“Yes, I believe we are” she felt her neck and then rolled her eyes
“Boys” she mumbled as she hugged me tightly “I love you”
“I love you too, Babe” she let me go and walked to passenger side of the car. I smiled as I followed her. I opened the door and she slid in gracefully. I walked around, got in the car, and pulled out of the parking space.
We were talking about the time we had spent apart when I reluctantly pulled in to her drive way.
“Damn” I mumbled
“What?” She asked me, her smile was peaceful yet unhappy
“Your house is too close to the mall” I told he
“I agree” she said and her smile went away and turned into a playful pout. We looked up at her house and saw a light come on at the porch. She looked back at me and rolled her eyes. “You better stay here” she told me and she kissed me lightly “I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow for our chance for the anniversary you missed”
“I love you too and I’ll see you at 1’oclock tomorrow afternoon” I kissed her politely and she fixed her hair to cover up her neck. She smiled and rolled her eyes at me while I grinned. She slid out of the car and raced up to the door. She opened it and turned back to me. I smiled as she stuck her tongue out at me before closing the door. I smiled and drove out happily.
Shell’s POV
Carson and I walked through the hallway after school. “Hey Shell Shell?” I heard. I sighed and took Drake out of my pocket and put ‘Miss California’ by Jack’s Mannequin on pause. I took my ear buds out and shoved it all back in my pocket. I turned to her and smiled
“Yes Sparky?” I asked
“What are you up to today?” she asked as we opened the front doors to the school and stepped outside. I saw Jason out of the corner of my eye but paid no attention as I spoke
“Well, I was going to -” Too late, she too had spotted him. She frowned deeply and walked up to him. I followed a few steps behind her.
“STALKER!” she yelled
“Are we seriously going to do this?”
“Already started”
“Fine, Spanish though.” he said eyeing me. I hate when they speak Spanish.
“I almost failed that!”
“Porque?” (What?)
“Tu..Tu…suck!” (You…you…suck!)
“Muy Bien” (Very Good) he said sarcastically.
“Yo tengo un life, tu necesita.(I have a life you need one.) So sue me if I can’t speak Spanish.” She started to look annoyed “Next time let’s just learn mores code, beep bip bip beep bip would be way easier.” Jason laughed, bad move I thought. Carson took a step closer and stomped on his foot with all the force she could muster. Then turned to me “We’ll talk later.” Then she walked off. Jason was hopping around on one foot as I looked at him furiously
“Are you thinking I deserve this?” he asked
“Never laugh at an angry Carson!” I shouted
“I always laugh!” he told me
“All health care experts recommend never laughing at Carson when she is angry” I told him
“My doctor never said that” he told me
“Get a new doctor then!”
“You are crazy!” He shouted
“I’m a woman! Of course I’m crazy” I told him “But you are the one who laughed at her, meaning you are now hated more than you were before”
“Things would be so much easier if I were gay then huh?”
“Yeah I guess.” It was very difficult to stay mad at him “But then I couldn’t do this” I kissed him lightly. I tried to pull away but was stopped by his firm hand behind my head. He released me soon after that and smiled at me
“I like that” he told me before kissing me again and then letting me go.
“I know” I told him. We walked back to his car hand in hand
Danny’s POV
I saw Carson walking over to the side walk near a crowd of bushes, she looked annoyed.
“Hey” I said getting closer “What’s wrong?”
“King Kong stole my friend.”
“Yeah, I’m over it though. So how was your day?”
“Oh you know, Americans with their cheeseburgers and obsession with me saying just about anything” I said reaching for her hand.
“Well gotta love that accent. Hey can you say ‘I’m Harry Potter and I go to Hogwarts.’?”
“No” I said firmly
“Please please please” she begged flashing the puppy dog eyes.
“I’m Harry Potter and I go to Hogwarts” I said mono tone.
“Thank you” she said with a smile getting up on her toes to give me a quick kiss. “But next time I demand that you put more meaning in it.” Then she turned around and dug through one of the bushes until she pulled out her roller blades.
“Why won’t you just let me get you a locker for those?”
“Because I don’t need one. So you coming over for movies tonight?” she asked putting on the skates.
“Yeah right after my shift”
“Great so I’ll see you later”
“Later” I said as she skated off. I watched her until she was out of sight and walked over to the bus stop. The thing I miss most about moving over here is my car, even if it was a raisin compared to the other massive cars here. The second I stepped on the bus it smelled like peanuts, Oh yeah I really missed my car. It was really nice too, my parents were more than happy to get it for a Christmas present considering the discount we got since my dad worked there. That was the thing with my parents though they like everything to be really nice, and had set me up with the country club type girls. They were always more worried about their nails though so it never really worked, probably why my parents didn’t approve of Carson so much.. What do they know though? They can be total gits sometimes. The bus finally came to a stop at Little Lou’s so I walked in and punched my card in. Already there was a girl at the counter.
“Good Day” I said. I was pretty sure the main reason Lou hired me was my accent. Americans are so easy to amuse. I walked over to the girl and smiled “Ello, I’m Danny. How can I help you today?”
The girl looked up at me “Hi Danny, I’m Emma. You can help me by leaving your girlfriend”
Carson’s POV
I heard the Gilligan’s Island Theme as I made pancakes. I ran into my room to grab my cell phone “Hello?” All I heard a static “Strange” I said as I stood up. I set my phone down and began to walk out when the house phone rang “Hello?” I asked
“Donny hates me!” I heard Shell yell
“What?” I asked
“Your cell phone! It hates me!”
“Oh, that was you calling me” I laughed slightly
“Go find Josh! He never did stupid things!” she complained
“But Donny has a touch screen” I told her
“But Donny has bad service!”
“But, touch screen”
“There is no winning with you.”
“Nope, not even when you are right, you still won’t win”
“I’m going to throw Donny at a wall just so you have to get a new phone”
“How would you like it if I did that to Phillip?”
“How dare you say that! Phillip is a good phone! He has excellent service almost everywhere!”
“But he likes to hang up on me”
“Touch Sparky.” She was silent “But Donny does that too everyone!”
“Fine! Donny sucks! Phillip is a good phone! And Josh never deceived me!”
“Woot! I Win!” She shouted happily
“Yeah, yeah. What did you call for?”
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!” She shouted into the phone
“Oh no” I said
“18 years today the world was graced by that which is you!”
“I know”
“It’s such a glorious day!”
“Yeah yeah”
“With this being said, we are skipping school”
“Come outside! I have two cars full of people and we will not be disappointed”
“Okay, just let me finish getting ready”
“Bring a bathing suit” she told me
“Sure thing” I hung up then and put on a bikini. I put on a pair of denim shorts and a blue tank top. I rushed down stairs and ran into my mother
“That doesn’t look like school clothes”
“Well... It’s not” I told her truthfully
“At least the birthday girl is honest. Shell asked before she planned it but I’m happy you won’t lie.”
“Thanks mom” I gave her a hug
“Happy Birthday Carson” she told me as she hugged me back “There is a bag of beach stuff by the door”
“Thank you” I said as I let go and walked towards the front door, grabbing the bag on the way. I walked outside to see Shell in the driver’s seat of her cherry red Mustang Convertible with Kat and Brad in the back. I looked over and saw Jason sitting in his red Volvo, Danny in the seat next to him with Travis and Skylar in the back.
“Let’s go!” Shell shouted. I walked to Jason’s car and knocked on Danny window, he rolled it down and looked at me
“Well what can I do for you ma’am?” he asked
“You can give the birthday girl a birthday kiss” I said. He chuckled and got out of the car. He kissed me lightly
“Now go join the girls” he told me
“What about Brad?”
“Shell said it was fine because he is camp”
“Camp?” I asked
“Well, it means -” Shell honked her horn loudly before he could finish. She got out of her car, walked over to me and dragged me back to the passenger’s seat of the mustang. I got in quickly as she walked around to get into the driver’s side. She started the car and drove down the street, the red Volvo behind us
“Hey Brad, I wanted to make a coffee run before we left. You interested?” Shell asked
“Of course!” he said, at that moment I think I figured out what camp meant, it was just like being with another Shell.
“Tea for you, Kat?” She asked
“Is that a question?” Kat asked
“Right, sorry” Shell said “Water for you?” she asked me
“Yeah, can we get some food too please, you called while I was making breakfast and I didn’t eat any of it” I told her. She smiled at me and reached over to open the glove box. It was filled with several different types of poptarts
“One does not drag people out earlier than expected without making sure they have food to eat.” She told me. I looked through the many flavors until I found strawberry. I opened it and began to eat happily “Drat, you found it. I was hoping to eat that with my coffee.” She told me, we both had a strawberry addiction
“You snooze you lose” I told her as she pulled into a Starbucks.
“Earl Grey, Water, and two coffees” She said to herself as she got out. She was quickly joined by Jason; I assumed he was going to by drinks for everyone in his car.
“So, how is the birthday girl?” Kat asked
“I’m good” I told her as I swallowed some poptart. “What beach are we going too?” I asked them, “Shell never told me”
“The only people that know are Shell and Jason. On, and your mom, so she could take you out” Brad told me
“Hey Brad, what does ca-” I started to ask but Shell had opened the door to get in. Jason was standing next to her and one could assume what they were doing. I turned to Brad again to finish but Shell had finished with Jason and got back in the car. “One Earl Grey, one water, one coffee with two sugars and some cream, and one coffee with three sugars and no cream” She passed each out to those they belonged too. “Oh! And a giant cookie for Sparky!’ she handed me a bag
“Woot!” I said happily as I put the cookie in the glove box for later
“Back to the road then!” She quickly plugged her iPod in, connecting Drake and putting it on shuffle
“How did you get my iPod plug?” I asked when realized it was mine.
“Your mom got it for me, and then she gave the boys the not so good one.” Mine was the one that worked really well and my mother’s was the one that was temperamental and annoying
“Oh, okay” I said as I took her iPod and put on McFly
“Who knew such gorgeous American ladies such as yourselves knew McFly” Brad said
“Is it that weird?” Shell asked
“No, not really. Just didn’t think you guys knew McFly”
“That’s cute, he thinks we just listen to McFly, Shell” I said
“The right words would be love McFly” Shell added
“Very true indeed” I said with a smile
“I see” Brad said. Shell laughed slightly before pressing a button as we got on the freeway, the hood of the car came down and Shell smiled.
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Shell’s POV
We were driving for a few hours and half way there
“Are we there yet?” Carson asked
“No” I announced for the fifth time since we left
“Where are we going?!” She asked, for the sixth time.
“A beach!” I shouted
“Which beach?! Why are we going so far?! We live near one!” she complained
“A beach in South California!”
“Because this one will be warm! Beaches where we live will be cold and with how easily you get cold I’m not taking any chances! The only one that will not freeze will be me because my body temperature runs higher than yours does!” I shouted
“Oh...” she said
“We are almost there, please be patient” I asked
“Okay” she said
“Oh and I forgot to tell you something.”
“Emma found out about our trip because she overheard me” I told her
“Yeah. Sorry Hun, but it will be okay. It’s a big beach and we can blend”
“True, thanks Shell Shell. You are making today great.” She told me
“I’m happy you think so” I said with a smile. I positioned the rear view mirror to see what Kat and Brad were up to. I smiled as I saw Kat’s head on his lap as she slept and him sleeping against the window. “I woke them up first” I told Carson as she turned around to see them.
“What time was that?”
“About four this morning”
“Why so early?!”
“You think this was something that I just decided to do?”
“No, you asked my mom but four really?!”
“Well yeah, all our stuff was a Kat’s house and Brad said to pick him up on the way. Danny and Travis stayed at Jason and Skylar’s house and I drove over there next. We then packed things into Jason’s car. That all took a few hours. And then we came for you!”
“How long have you been up?” she asked
“When did you sleep?”
“From nine to three.”
“And you are this perky.”
“Oh no, this took four cups of coffee and concealer to hide my dark circles. Kat helped with the makeup, I was too out of it to do it myself.”
“You didn’t have to do that.” She told me
“But it’s your birthday! You’d do the same if you could.”
“Plus, this fifth cup of coffee will be good when it is followed by a sixth”
“That’s too many.” She told me
“I’d love to stop at five but can’t”
“Why not?”
“Don’t make me say it. You already know”
“Oh, is it because Little Miss OCD can’t handle odd numbers?”
“Yes” I mumbled
“I win!” she shouted
“And your prize is:” I opened her purse swiftly while watching the road. “A huge bag of green M&M’s that contains exactly 90 of them” I pulled the bag out and tossed it to her.
“Yay!” she said
“Now wait until we get there.”
“No, Shell you look tired, there is a stop up ahead, pull into it and we can switch seats. I want my best friend to be alive while we are at the beach”
“Fine, call Danny and have him tell Jason.”
“Thank you Shell” she said as she picked up her phone and called Danny “Hey. Yeah, Shell and I are going to switch. Oh, okay. Yeah, at the Rest Stop. Okay. See you there” she hung up “Jason looks tired too and since Danny has been sleeping he is going to take the wheel, Kat is going to sit up here with me, Brad is going to Jason’s car and you and Jason are going to sleep in your back seat.”
“Thanks Hun. I do need to sleep.” I told her as I pulled into the rest stop and got out of the car. Carson woke up Brad and Kat as I walked over to Jason. I leaned against him as everyone switched cars “Hey Sweetie” I mumbled into his chest as I shut my eyes for a second
“Hey Babe” he said as he set his chin on my top of my head and grabbed my waist, I wrapped my arms around his chest. We stood there for several more minutes, I heard the proper amount of car doors close awhile ago but Carson was waiting for us patiently. I unwrapped my arms and touched his lightly. He let me go and took my hand. We walked back to my car, he opened the back door for me, I slipped in and he followed. I set my head on his lap, looking up at him as he played with my hair, with his eyes shut
“I love you” I told him sleepily
“I love you more than life it’s self” he said. I heard Kat scoff in the front seat but let it go. I shut my eyes and smiled
“We all ready?” Carson asked as she put the top to the car up
“Hit the road” I muttered as I began to fall asleep. Jason chuckled slightly and Carson laughed. I felt the car move forward but was soon asleep.
I felt the car come to a stop but was too out of it to acknowledge its true meaning as I moved slightly and drifted back off. “Should we wake them?” I heard Kat ask several moments later.
“I don’t know, we set everything up already. This was her plan and all, I think we should” Danny said
“Yeah, this was her plan. She has been up since three in the morning, let her sleep” Brad said, I was half awake but movement wouldn’t register. I could hear that Jason was still asleep as well, his chest moving slowly as he breathed.
“I’ll wake them up, you guys go have fun” Carson said
“But it’s your birthday, you should be having fun” Skylar said
“She is my best friend; I want her to be there while I have fun.” Carson said
“If you’re sure” Travis said
“I’m sure, not go” she said as she got in the front seat. I heard everyone walk away as they talked.
“Shell, wake up. We are at the beach. I managed to get here with the map you had under your seat.” I realized then I had forgotten to tell her which beach, at least she found the map that I had circled the beach on
“Good.” I mumbled as I stretched and sat up. I turned to see Jason still sleeping “I’ll be right there Sparky, Go ahead,” she nodded and passed me my car keys. As she walked away a sat on Jason’s lap lightly, “Wake up sleepy head” I whispered in his ear. I wrapped my arms around his neck before kissing him lightly; he instantly kissed back, giving me no choice but to continue. “Cheater, you were so awake”
“Yeah, when you got up I woke up.” He told me.
“Let’s go to the beach silly.” I told him as I opened the car door and climbed off his lap. I stepped aside as he got out, shutting the door behind him. I locked the doors before running down the beach, Jason a few steps behind me as we raced to the others
Carson’s POV
“Sock?” I asked as I saw a sock on a towel “Sock?” I repeated, slightly confused
“Very good Carson! You can name items of clothing!” Shell said sarcastically as Jason put sun block on her back.
“That’s not what I meant!” I told her “It’s a sock at the beach!”
“Two for two!” Brad shouted gleefully “Items and places!” he was helping Kat out with her sun block
“I didn’t mean it like that!” I scoffed “Who does it belong too?”
“Oh, that’s my sock” Danny said
“You wore socks to the beach?!” I asked
“Yeah” He said as he held up its other
“I can’t believe I’m dating a guy who wears socks to the beach” I said in utter disbelief
“Hun, he’s from Britain. He’s not use to the beach” Shell told me as she put sun block on Jason’s back.
“But why isn’t Brad wearing socks?! He is from Britain too!”
“Well, he isn’t like other guys” Jason added
“What does that mean?” Brad asked
“It’s like hanging out with the male version of Shell!” Skylar answered
“Excuse me!” Brad said
“Well he is -” Travis was stopped
“Enough! Brad, admit you are not like Danny at all and end this please” Shell shouted
“I have a better fashion sense than Daniel does” Brad said
“Okay, now continue Carson.” Shell turned to me with a smile
“Thanks” I looked at the sock again and all my disbelief returned “But… sock!” I stated as if it explained everything
“Your point being?” Danny asked
“No more socks to the beach, boy!” I shouted
“Lesson learned. You forgive me?” Danny asked
“Maybe” I said
“I’m Harry Potter and I study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” He said with full meaning. I squealed and ran at him full speed to jump up and hug him, almost knocking him over
“Thank you” I said
“You’re welcome” He said.
“Seriously?” I heard Shell shout as I stepped away from Danny
“What?” I asked as I looked around
“Hold on a sec. You guys go to the water. Kat, Carson, and I will join you in a sec” Shell said. The guys nodded and walked to the water, I frowned as Jason just stood there looking at Shell
Shell’s POV
I watched the boys walking away, realizing that one in particular hadn’t followed them. A firm hand was at my waist, turning me around quickly. Jason looked at me, concern in his eyes. “Sweetie, go. Now” I told him, I rubbed his cheek lightly. He nodded and kissed me cheek quickly. I smiled as he let me go and walked towards the beach. I turned to Kat and Carson. “Let’s play a game of I spy!”
“Why?” Carson asked
“Just do it, you first” I said quickly
“It’s her birthday! Don’t make her do that!” Kat shouted
“Carson, find something” I ignored Kat. Carson shrugged and looked around
“I spy with my little eye something white” she said
“The beach hut?” Kat asked, there was an all white beach house close by
“Yes.” Carson said “Now you go”
“I spy something yellow”
“Is it that umbrella?” I asked pointing towards the bright yellow umbrella ten yards down the beach.
“Yeah.” Kat said
“I spy with my little eye a bitch!” I shouted with gleeful sarcasm
“She’s here?” Carson asked
“Yeah, over there” I said, pointing down the beach to a couple of people talking, a girl in a pink bikini and a guy in a pair of black swim trucks. Carson scowled as she saw her
“Nice way of saying it” Kat said
“Hey if nothing else I’m creative at delivering bad news” I said
“She’s flirting” Carson said as she watched her
“How do you know that?” Kat asked
“I remember when she flirted with guys when we were friends. That’s her flirting hair twist” she said
“Oh yeah” I said as I watched her twirl her hair
“I forgot that” Kat said
“She hasn’t changed yet” I mentioned
“Yep” Carson said
“Indeed” Kat agreed
“Let’s go to the water” I said “I’ve had enough of her already”
“Yeah” Carson said
“Let’s just ignore her” Kat said.
“Agreed” Carson and I said together
“Get out of my head!” Carson shouted
“I’m sorry, that isn’t my place.” I laughed
“Whose is it?” Kat asked
“Sadly, hers” Carson said, she was talking about Emma
“We aren’t very good at ignoring her. Let’s go!” I gently pushed them forward. We quickly ran towards the water to join the boys
Danny’s POV
As the girls were up on the beach I followed their gaze to Emma. I gulped loudly as I saw her. We had talked too yesterday; I didn’t see why Shell and Carson disliked her. Sure, she was a bit mean and loved looking in a mirror but she seemed like she was nice once you knew her. The only thing I disliked was her opening line, asking me to break up with Carson. We talked for awhile after that and then before I left to help someone else I told her the answer was ‘No, I’d never hurt Carson that way’.
“What’s up Dan?” I heard from behind me, I turned to see it was Jason
“Nothing mate” I told him
“Then throw the football!” He shouted as he backed up
“Go long!” I said. I looked over to see the girls coming and threw the ball were Jason was standing but heard a splash. I looked were splash was to see the football floating in the water and Jason nowhere near it. I looked around and saw that he was walking towards Shell. I rolled my eyes slightly and smiled before walking to Carson “”Everything okay? I asked. She kissed my cheek
“Everything is great” she told me.
“There is a surfboard on the beach” I whispered “You should use it”
“Sounds like fun” she said
“It does” I said
“Hey! No fair!” Shell shouted. She was chasing after Jason as he swam further into the water
“What’s wrong?” Carson asked
“He stole my sun glasses” Shell said as she stopped chasing him. “Hey Skylar, can you please help me?”
“Of course!” Skylar said eagerly as he swam after his older brother
“What’s with that?” I asked them
“Skylar and Jason have the same taste in women” Shell said
“Skylar likes Shell a tad bit” Kat said
“Maybe more than a tad” Brad corrected
“He was practically in ecstasy when they broke up” Travis said “And then he was upset when they got back together”
“Okay! We get it!” Shell shouted
“I see” I said
“Does she usually use it like that?” I asked
“Nope” Carson told me
“Just when Jason takes me sunglasses” Shell told me as Skylar returned with her sunglasses
“Here you go Shell” he said happily as Shell took them and put them on her head
“Thanks Skylar” She said with a soft smile. Skylar continued to stand there “Oh, right” she kissed his cheek lightly. He smiled brightly and swam over to the football
“Nice Shell” Jason said as he walked back over, a scowl on his face.
“Aww, Sweetie” she grabbed his hand and pulled him over to her, she then grabbed his face and forced him to look at her “There is only one Canadian in the world that I want.”
“I think Skylar should know that” Jason said
“Well, we can make sure he does know that. Just don’t steal my sunglasses” Shell told him and she let him go
“Can’t promise that” he said as he grabbed her sunglasses and ran towards the beach
“He kills me!” Shell shouted
“Want me to get them?” Skylar asked
“No, no, I’ve got it” she said as she ran after Jason. Skylar frowned as she caught him and kissed him. Jason returned her sunglasses and the two walked on to the shore hand in hand
Emily’s POV
“I’m gonna go surfing” Mickey said as he grabbed his board and walked down the beach
“Why did we bring him?” Lorelai asked
“He overheard us planning and said he would blackmail me if we didn’t bring him” I told her
“With?” she asked confused. I grabbed my bag and pulled out a necklace with a heart shaped locket on it
“With this” I stated simply, dropping it into her open hand
“But how?” she was still confused, she had only seen it once before
“It belongs to Carson” I told her, her eyes showed a slight fear as she quickly gave it back to me,
“I thought you were getting rid of that thing”
“I was, but I don’t have the heart to. True, she practically hates me and I am the only person she fights with but she was my friend and this locket means a lot to her”
“And you said I was going soft” she put her sunglasses on and laid down
“What do you mean?” I asked
“Remember when Michelle and Carson got back from England? You know, after I had lunch with Jason and realized what had happened and I went and told her why he broke up with her? You told me I went soft”
“Oh yeah, well you were and so am I” I said “And call her Shell, I know her as Shell and you calling her actual name is weird”
“Okay then, softy” I rolled my eyes and laid back, putting my sunglasses on. “So, no more flirting?” she asked after she turned onto her stomach so she could tan her back.
“I thought just to rattle her I’d kiss Mickey and flirt with another guy. Then perhaps go talk to Danny” I said as I too turned over.
“And the bitch is back” Lorelai said
“She was just taking a break but break is over now.”
“Well, you can go kiss Mickey now because he is heading this way and Carson and Shell are sitting on the beach talking.” I turned my head to see all of this was true. I stood up and walked to Mickey, grabbing his hand
“Follow me” I said and he semi-reluctantly did so. We walked right by Carson and Shell. I turned around and stood on my tip toes to kiss him passionately. He tore away several moments later and looked at me then back at Carson
“You can be such a bitch” he whispered before walking away, a small smile on his face. I sighed lightly and walked back to Lorelai
Shell’s POV
“Carson breath, Hun” I said as Carson seemed to stop breathing after Mickey and Emma kissed.
“She okay?” Danny asked as he walked up “I saw Emma and Mickey and came to see if she was okay.”
“She’ll be fine” I told him as Carson stood up. She walked down the beach furiously
“Why does she care so much?” He asked me as he sat down where Carson had been. I took my sunglasses off and looked him in the eye, he looked slightly worried
“Okay… let’s put yourself in her position” I said, he nodded “Let’s say you are best friends with someone, they happen to be a girl, and they are dying of cancer. You have another friend who is a guy and he and your best friend like each other. Now, let’s say when everyone finds out about the cancer your guy friend starts to shy away from the girl, you however get closer. You and your best friend are really close, just a step away from dating before this all happens. But before she dies she wants to introduce you to a nice girl and give you a gift to remember her by. Your best friend dies at the age of 16 and you start to date her friend. Now you and your guy friend hate each other because of your different views on how to handle it all, but your girlfriend cheats on you and gives the gift your best friend gave you too the guy cheats on you with and that guy happens to be your mate who you now hate.” I took a deep breath “Would you not harbor bad feelings?” he looked simply confused by it
“What?!” he asked
“Those two together irks her slightly, just like seeing Jason talking to Lorelai irks me.” I was watching Lorelai flirt with an awkward Jason
“Then why don’t you go over there?” He asked
“Watch” I said, Lorelai tapped Jason on the arm and went to kiss his cheek. Jason stopped her and stuck out his hand. She shook it, a frown on her face as Jason walked over to us. He sat down, put on arm over me, leaning me back into the sand, and kissed me
“Thank for the save” he mumbled as he kissed me neck
“You handled it pretty well” I pushed him off of me and sat back up, I turned to Danny again “She’ll be fine. She just needs to realize she has you, who by the way is ten thousand times better than Mickey ever was” He smiled at me
“Thanks Shell.” He said, I felt Jason’s breath on my shoulder as he sat behind me “I’ll let you two get to whatever it is you two want to do” he stood up and ran after Carson’s retreating figure
“Finally” Jason muttered right before his lips were on my neck again. He stopped and moved to my side and kissing me on the lips. He slowly moved backwards moving me with him. There we stayed, kissing on the beach until Kat sat down next to us, moving sand on to us. We separated and he sighed as he sat up. I stayed lying down, putting my sunglasses back on as I tanned, Kat also laid down, picking her sunglasses up, and putting them on. Jason laid on his side and set an arm around me.
Carson’s POV
“CJ!” I heard from behind me, I wasn’t in the mood to talk but I stopped anyways. “Hey, are you okay?” Danny asked as he caught up. I shut my eyes and thought for a moment. “Hey, Carson, answer me!” he shouted as a tear fell town my cheek
“I’m fine” I said without opening my eyes
“I really wish you would get over him” He told me. My eyes snapped open as I looked at him
“I AM over him!” I told him quickly.
“You have a bad way of showing it!” he walked further down the beach
“Danny!” I shouted at him “Get back here!”
“Let me know when you are over that ass!” he shouted without even glancing back
“RAWR!” I shouted to the sky
“Are you all right?” Shell asked as she ran over to me, Jason and Kat just steps behind her
“How did you know something was wrong?” I asked confused
“The shouting gave it away” she told me as she stopped a few feet away, Kat and Jason stopping on either side of her
“Oh, you heard that?” I asked slightly embarrassed
“Hun, people in China could hear that ‘Rawr!’ What happened?” She told me
“Perhaps we should sit and tell Jason to scat”
“You’re still bitter about that?”
“A little”
“Can you tell me when you might get over it?”
“Just tell me when it rains purple munchkins.”
“Well get over it because he is staying here” She stepped closer and sat down on the sand, grabbing my arm as she went down. I frowned as Jason sat down next to her. Kat was on my other side.
“Whyyyy?!” I complained
“Because he cares about you like I do, he’s the big brother you don’t have or want” She stated simply
“Hey!” Jason said defensively
“It’s true Sweetie” Shell told him.
“She’s right” I seconded. Jason was pouty as he sat there
“Anyway! Spill it! What the heck happened?!” Shell demanded
“He thinks I still have feelings for Mickey.” I said. Shell looked at Jason for a second and then turned to me. Jason looked like he was listening to her words carefully as she opened her mouth to talk
“Okay then…Let’s see here…” She thought for a moment before she spoke again “Why do you care about Mickey and Emma kissing?” she asked slowly
“Because he was the last thing that reminded me of Paul” I said sadly
“Hun, we all knew Paul” She said
“All hated Paul” I corrected
“Only when he made you feel bad, we all grew to get over it when you got over it. Granted it took a little longer because we weren’t in love with him but still” She said
“I wasn’t in love with him” I said quickly. The three of them looked at me like I was insane. “What?! I wasn’t!”
“Right!” Kat said
“Okay then” Jason mumbled
“Of course not!”Shell shouted as she rolled her eyes
“I wasn’t in love with him!” I said
“And why is that?” Shell asked me
“He is gone, like the original Shamu. He got sick and is gone” I said as I began to cry. I felt Shell’s arm wrap around my shoulders
“Hey, it’s okay.” She said softly
“But being with Mickey just because Paul wanted you too was stupid” Kat said
“And he wasn’t right for you” Jason said
“We all have memories with Paul and he is remembered by them. He lives on through your ridiculous water wars and your saying ‘rotrl’ and by movie nights and by so many things” Shell said
“Thanks guys” I managed to get out
“We found something’s the other day. It was in the stuff of Paul’s. His parents finally went through it and I asked if I could help them” Shell told me
“Want me to go get them?” Jason asked
“Yeah, thanks Sweetie” Shell said and Jason ran up the beach towards the cars
“What is it?” I asked after a few moments of silence
“Well, I know it’s not the same as the locket he gave you but these are things he used and we I thought you might want them. His parents thought we all might like them and I thought they rightfully should go to you, everyone agreed with me” Jason was back them with a box under his arm and a long board in the other, “Now, I know this might hurt a little to see all his stuff but please don’t be upset with me” She took the skateboard from Jason and set it on my lap
“Annie” I mumbled as I looked the board over, our writing all over the bottom.
“I hope you don’t mind but it seemed right for you to have it” Shell told me “It was either this or storage like his parents were going to do”
“I love it” I said in awe
“And here is his wrist band” She looked through the box and took out the leather wrist band he always wore. I put it on my wrist quickly “Her is a picture of the two of you” she passed that to me too, I hugged it closely. She then set the box down next to me “There is more in there but I think you should go through them on your own. It is movies you guys watched on your movie nights the top to the Mario and Yoshi pajamas and a few other things too” I smiled and looked through the box, I smiled as I saw the cologne he wore and set the picture down in the box and taking off the wrist band and setting it in there as well
“Jason, can you bring this to the car please?” I asked. He nodded, grabbed the box and the board and walked back to the car
“There is more” Shell told me
“What is it?” I asked
“The surf boards with our stuff are his too” Kat said
“He didn’t surf” I said confused
“His parents said he bought them before he died. He bought a green one for you and the black and red one for him.” Shell said
“We think he wanted you guys to learn together” Kat said
“Oh” I mouthed
“Those are for you too” Shell said
“I see” I said “Thank you guys.”
“No problem!” Kat said

“We are always here” Shell said with a wink. We stood up and walked back to our stuff
Danny’s POV
“Danny! Wait up!” I heard from behind me, I was hoping it was Carson as I turned around. I frowned slightly as I saw it was Emma
“Hey Emma” I said as I put on a fake smile
“What was with the yelling?” she asked as she walked slowly in the direction she had come from. I reluctantly followed
“Nothing, it’s just…” I stopped, unsure of whether or not to say this to the person Carson hated
“It’s just what?” she pushed
“Nothing” I told her. She stopped in front of me and frowned
“If we are going to be friends you have to share” she told me
“We aren’t going to be friends” I told her
“And why not? Because Carson doesn’t like me? Are you really going to let her decide who you are friends with?” she asked
“I guess not”
“Good.” She began to walk again, I caught up quickly “Hey, I have something for Carson”
“Really now? Why don’t you give it to her?” I asked
“She won’t accept it from me.” She said sadly
“Oh” I said
“Yeah, anyways, I think she should have it and I can’t give it to her but I know someone who can”
“Who?” I asked, hoping the answer wasn’t me
“You actually” she said.
“Why me?” I asked
“Because you, fine fellow, are the only one who will talk to me and you are involved with her” She said “It’s either this of I give it to Lorelai to give to Jason so he can give it to her”
“That’s confusing”
“Indeed plus she’ll be happy if you are the one who gives it to her” she grabbed my hand and set something in it. She closed my hand tightly around it
“Land hoe!” I heard Carson shout. Emma and I turned around and looked at her, she was pointing at Emma, I rolled my eyes and Emma gave her a nasty look. “Argh! I be a pirate!” Carson shouted as she put on finger into a hook motion
“Whatever. Bye Daniel, it was nice talking to you” Emma said and she kissed my cheek lightly before walking away. Carson scoffed as she walked over to me
“What the hell was that about?” I asked
“I could ask the same question Mister!” She shouted
“Well I asked first!” I said
“I told you I be a pirate! I spotted land!”
“We are on land” I said
“Fine, I spotted a hoe” she said snidely
“Bloody brilliant, aren’t you?”
“In fact I am”
“Hey, I’m sorry. Okay? I’m was being an idiot”
“Forgiven” I said
“So, what was that about?” she asked
“Emma and I are friends” I told her
“I see” she said
“Are you okay with that?” I asked
“Well…as long as you are just friends, I guess I am”
“Good” I said.
“Shell says we should go now, we want to be home at a decent time” she told me
“Okay, let’s go” I smiled and we started walking towards our stuff
“What are you gripping so tightly?” She asked me. I then realized my hand was still tight around whatever Emma had given me. I put my hand up and opened it. Carson looked at me, confused “Is that…?” Shell then ran over
“The locket?” Shell asked Carson
“Or a really good replica” Jason had joined us
“Where did you get it?” Carson asked me
“Emma gave it to me. She said you would like it. What is it?”
“That is Paul’s locket” Shell muttered
“That is really it” Carson said, her voice bewildered
“Does that mean you want it?” I asked
“That’s a stupid question” Shell said
“Of course I do” Carson seemed to ignore Shell
“Let me put it on for you” I said as I put it around her neck and clasped it shut.
“Thank you” she said as she turned around and hugged me tightly
“Let’s go back to the car now; everything is packed and ready to go” Shell said
“Okay” I said and we walked back to the cars happily
Carson’s POV
It was really late by the time we got to my house; the only ones left were Shell and me.
“Hey you wanna spend the night?” I offered. She had been up for a while the last thing I wanted was my best friend crashing at the wheel.
“Sure, tomorrow is Saturday anyway.”
“Cool” I said. Shell got out and helped me get all the stuff in the house.
“Where did you want Paul’s stuff?”
“Uh…just stick it on my bed; I wanted to go through some of the stuff.”
“Yeah, do I really need to explain?”
“No go ahead, I know where everything is.” She said putting down the box and walking out of my room. As soon as she left I opened it up and started to shuffle through it. There were a million pictures most of them had me in them. There was one though that caught my eye it was the both of us at his parents Christmas party. He was giving me a kiss on the cheek under the mistletoe. I put it on my dresser away from the others and continued. After a few minutes of reminiscing I found a small box, or as he called it his “annoyance box”. It was made of wood and nearly impossible to open unless you knew how. I looked at it for a minute trying to remember how. I remembered him telling me but it was a little fuzzy. Then it came to me. “Put your thumb on this corner and push this section down then out. Then whoosh its open” I heard him saying in my head. I got it open and saw a composition book inside. I opened it to the first page.

Hey Carson, I know it’s you cause me and you are the only ones who knows how to open this stupid thing, the question is how long it took you to find it or if I ever let you. If I’m alive and you’re reading this then YOU ARE DEAD but if I’m not then read on. I left this for you so that if I ran out of time to explain things you could read this and then know. Flip or read all the way through most things are short (I’m no writer). So yeah….go for it.

“Whoa” I said aloud I started to flip through and landed on a page near the end.

Hey one of my friends asked me about you today. He saw you walking out of my hospital room and said you were hot. His name is Mickey and he is the cockiest asshole you will ever meet. I still question why I’m still friends with him sometimes. Anyway he’s cool just to hang out with but I think over all you two would hate each other if you were ever more than friends, but I want you guys to be friends so we can all hang out. He said he would teach us how to surf with the boards I got us…Oh right I didn’t tell you about those, well I’ll tell you later. Anyway just wanted to warn you to be careful around him, I would really hate it if he ever hurt you.

“What’s up?” Shell asked running into my room.
“I’ve been a total fucktard… as Paul would say”
“What? Why?”
“Damn! What else have I had wrong?” I said ignoring the questions and looking down at the book. I grabbed the locket around my neck. “Maybe I should find out.”
“Call Emma”
“Why would I do that?” I questioned.
“You are seriously oblivious; who do you think gave Danny the locket?”
“Oh” I said in realization “I don’t think it makes up for everything she’s done though.”
“Do whatever you want; I’m kinda useless at the moment since I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Sorry, I’ll explain later I think I need to look into this a little more.”
“Okay it’s getting late though”
“I’ll just look through a little more.” I said flipping through the book.

Short confession I hate clove gum. I only chewed it since you loved the smell.

Another confession I popped your unicycle tire. All the thuds from upstairs were driving me nuts.

I only agreed to go out with Emma because she reminded me of you. She was always in your head and seemed a lot like you, but she was way too girly and a little selfish as shown when she dumped me because of the cancer. I also think she was jealous of you since you were always so close to your mom even though she was never home. I don’t think you understand how alone she is.

That stupid Christmas party, my parents WERE trying to set us up. That is why all the doors except the one with mistletoe were locked.

I hate Jason because he was only using you to get to Shell. I know you knew, but still you’re more than a pawn…..the fucktard knows nothing about you. The worst part is I told him to look after you incase anything happens to me, which basically meant Mickey. If he tells you though before you read this then I’m coming back to haunt him.

After our trip to Yosemite I had bear nightmares for a week, you kept getting eaten. That is why I wouldn’t let you eat meat. I didn’t want you to smell like bear bait.

Factoid: The Jetsons are way cooler than the Flintstones, I don’t care how “lazy they are.”

I read a few more but my vision started to get fuzzy as I got more tired. I cleared the stuff off my bed neatly and decided to read the rest of the book later. As I fell asleep I debated calling Emma.
Shell’s POV
“I have a bone to pick with that boyfriend of yours!” Carson shouted as I brushed my teeth in her bathroom, we kept toothbrushes at each other’s houses for these reasons.
“Why?” I asked confused
“Paul” she stated simply
“Okay then… Can I at least go back home and get actual clothes on rather than beach clothes?” I was still wearing clothes from yesterday
“Yeah sure.” She was completely ready to go as I grabbed my car keys
“Good, let’s go!” I walked out of her room and outside. I heard her foot steps behind me until I got in the car, the passenger side opened and she climbed in. I started the car and drove towards my house. Half way there Carson pulled out a black and white composition book.
“What’s that?” I asked confused
“It was Paul’s.”
“I didn’t see it in the box.”
“He locked it up so that I would be the only one to get to it. It’s well kinda like a really long letter to me.”
“What’s it say?”
“A lot.” She said bluntly
“Hmmm you okay?”
“I guess”
“What happened? You don’t seem okay”
“Nothing” she told me
“Ha!” I stopped the car on the side of the road
“Why did you stop?” she asked me
“Spill or we’ll sit here all day”
“You are aware I can walk right?” she stated as she unlocked my doors. I locked them in return as she attempted to open the door. She glared at me before trying again but she came up with the same result “Let me out!” she shouted.
“No, not until you spill!!”
“I’ve been reading Paul’s journal. It has made me realize a few things and the first thing on my list of things to do after reading it is that I have to yell at the Meat Head!”
“Usually I would question but Jason should be yelled at for the Paul thing.”
“You knew?” she asked
“Not the whole thing, he told me Paul asked him to watch out for you when he was gone. He also deserves to be yelled at for how he got to me through you”
“How do you know all of this?”
“I realized that that you two were talking a lot, at first I was jealous until he finally asked me out. I almost said no once I realized he used you to get to me”
“Why didn’t you?”
“Because I fell for the freaking Canadian before he asked me out. I wanted to say no but then he touched my cheek and I melted”
“Oh” she said
“I know, pathetic”
“Why do you still put up with him? He can be a pain”
“I know, he is a pain in the neck but, I don’t know, there something about him. I don’t just like him Sparky. I love him; no matter how many times I’m told that it will never work I know it will.” She opened her mouth to speak “No matter how stupid he can be he is a smart man and is right for me in nearly every way.”
“He hates animals” she said. I laughed slightly
“He deals with it. He only hates the squirrels following him, which by the way is very weird. How does the person who hates animals have so much animal magnetism that even squirrels in the park follow him?” I asked
“Good question.”
“He is shy, like me so we got to talking after he finally got the nerve to speak to me.”
“He hates most people” she said bluntly
“So do I. We are both slightly misanthropic”
“You hide it better”
“Not entirely true. I give people a chance before I hate them.” I told her
“Making you less misanthropic”
“He still hates Brad” she pointed out
“He doesn’t know Bradley is -” I began but my phone rang “Hi mom” after checking my caller id and answering
“Where are you Shell?” she asked
“On my way home” I said quickly
“Who’s with you?”
“Okay, see you soon” She said and she hung up
“I send her a text message and she still calls” I mumbled angrily
“Let’s go before she gets mad then” She said. I nodded and pulled the car onto the road. We soon pulled into my driveway, rushing inside, saying hi to my mom. Carson sat on the couch as I changed. Before walking out of my room I called Jason
Jason’s POV
I heard ‘Everything’ by Michael Buble. “Must be Shell” I said as I went to answer my phone “Hey Babe” I said with a grin
“You are in sooo much trouble Mister!” she shouted at me
“Nice greeting” I said “What did I do?”
“Paul left a journal for Carson to read. She read it and now she wants to yell at you” she said quickly
“Why?” I asked confused
“You used her Jason! You used her to get to me and Paul confirmed it! You have lied to her for years too!”
“Lied about?”
“You lied about what Paul asked of you before he died! She knows Jason! She knows Mickey was an asshole! She knows that Paul asked you to stop her from dating him!”
“She’ll be mad at you for knowing too!”
“Don’t give me that crap! I only found out after she left him! You told me and I know! End of story!”
“Like she will believe that crap!”
“Well, mine is true and yours was verified! I have half a mind to yell at you for it too but I can’t kick your ass and she can!”
“What does this mean for us?!”
“It means I love you, you ass hole! And despite that I have to let her yell because it’s her right!”
“Fine then!” I shouted
“I love you!”
“Love you too!” she said loudly
“See you soon Babe” I went back to a normal tone
“Bye Sweetie” she hung up then and I set my phone on my dresser and walked down stairs to make breakfast. As I sat down to eat I remembered something.
“Get out Skylar!” I shouted loudly, he and Travis were here
“Why?!” Skylar asked, he and Travis poked their heads down the stair case
“Because I said so!” I shouted back
“Ever since I moved in here with you, you think are the king!”
“I own it and I am the king! Now get out!”
“Fine!” Skylar shouted and he and Travis stomped down the stairs and out the front door.
“Freaking teenagers!” I shouted loudly
“I’m a teenager Sweetie, what about teenagers?” I gulped as I turned around to face Shell and Carson
“Nothing, just Skylar and I were having a very loud discussion”
“Yeah, we know” Shell told me
“How did you get here so quickly?”
“Carson drove” Shell said, a slightly scared look across her face
“But Carson is a safe driver…” I was confused
“Yeah, unless she really wants to shout” Shell said
“Yep! Yep!” Carson said angrily
“Now Carson, let me explain!”
“Explain what?! How you used me for your selfish purposes?! Or perhaps why you lied to me for years?!” She asked. Shell was leaning against a kitchen counter as Carson stood by the stove. I was standing by the sink because I had been washing my breakfast dishes when they came in.
“Both actually, I used you because I knew if you would be friends with me Shell would trust me more. I didn’t just toss you aside once I got her, did I? Do you really think I would do that? I wanted to be your friend, especially after I found out how wonderful you were. I got to know you, until you were like the sister I never had. You are my friend, Carson. I never intended to use you and not follow through with a friendship, no matter how Paul made it seem”
“Fine then! Why did you hate Paul?” She asked
“He tried to make me seem like an idiot, like I didn’t deserve Shell’s affections or your friendship. I tried to like Paul, but names like meat head and fucktard made it a little harder”
“Why didn’t you stop me from dating Mickey like Paul asked?”
“You seemed happy, I wanted to tell you but I wouldn’t risk your happiness. He seemed to care for you but after things got worse I started to hate him, hoping you would see the ass hole in him I didn’t stop you. I wish I had now; he hurt you severely and stole your locket. At least you have the locket back now though”
“I guess I forgive you” she said
“Say it.” Shell said
“Say what?” I asked her
“You know what”
“I will not do it!”
“Please I like it and Carson will think it’s funny”
“Fine” I said “I’m really soory aboot this all” Shell smiled as I said it
“Forgiven” Carson said “Time to yell at Mickey!”
“What?” I asked
“Carson is on a yelling spree today, you were the first stop. Care to join us?” Shell asked as Carson walked out of the house
“Yeah sure, let me grab a jacket” I walked to the coat rack and pulled off a leather jacket “Let’s go” I grabbed Shell’s hand as we walked outside “Oh, and Dj seat”
“Cute but you were beat” She said showing me a text she had received a few minutes ago. It said ‘DJ SEAT!’ sent by Carson, who was already in the passenger seat when we reached the car
“Fine, I’ll sit in the back” I said as I opened the driver’s side door for her. She smiled and climbed in; I closed the door and opened the back seat door “Where to ladies?” I asked as I got in and closed the door
“To the beach!” Carson said quickly
“To the beach!” Shell said and she started the car, backing out of the drive way.
“To the beach” I chuckled and we were soon driving quickly towards the beach
Emma’s POV
I stopped by Lou’s to say hi8 to Danny. I got out of my car and slipped inside quietly.
“I hate working Saturdays.” Danny complained scrubbing down the counter.
“Who wouldn’t?” I said. He looked over and gave a smirk. “Times like this I’m happy I don’t have to work.”
“What are you doing here?”
“Just stopping by for a visit.” I said innocently. “So how did she like the locket?”
“She loved it, I never seen her more happy. Never thought about getting that, she doesn’t really fancy jewelry. Where did you get it?”
“Uhh…Mickey got it.” Technically that wasn’t a lie; Mickey stole it and then gave it to me. Besides what was I suppose to say Carson’s dresser, yeah that wouldn’t need explaining.
“Mickey got it?” he asked as an angry look came over his face
“Yeah well sort of.”
“So you gave me a gift to give her from her ex?” he started scrubbing harder
“It wasn’t originally from Mickey, it was from Paul.” I tried to explain.
“Who’s Paul? Another ex?”
“Well not exactly.”
“Well she obviously knew it was from him! Thinking about it Shell did say ‘Paul’s locket’, and Carson had no hesitation taking it!”
“Danny calm down” I said
“I have the right to be as loud as I want RIGHT NOW!” he shouted. I had never seen him angry before it was scary. I leaned back in my seat and tried once more to explain.
“You also have the right to remain silent, so shut up and listen. Paul wasn’t an ex technically, but he obviously was in love with her and got her that locket. He is out of the picture now and she is dating you ok?”
“Out of the picture like Mickey is I suppose? He’s out of the picture but she still had feelings for him which is pretty apparent. And he never LOVED her, at least according to everyone in this country, so she probably still had feelings for this Paul guy too, right?”
“She probably does” I said sadly. I remembered the day she came home from the hospital shaking; she had actually made herself physically sick. She didn’t eat anything of leave her room for four days. Soon after we had a fight and stopped talking. Which is why I came, I was hoping I could fix it. We use to be so close it hurt knowing I wasn’t invited to her 18th Birthday, me and Shell had been planning it forever.
“Well aren’t I thick? I move to a different continent to be with a girl who is in love guys, neither of which is me! I left everything I knew behind because I love her and thought she would eventually feel the same.”
“Danny, you don’t underst-”
“And you! You really are evil! You gave me a gift from a guy she is in love with to give to her on her birthday! What is your problem?! Were you born evil or did your daddy leave you too?”
“You need to let me expla-” I began to shout
“No! I’m done with you people! I’m leaving! Right after I tell Carson what she can do with that bloody locket of hers!” He stormed out the door and walked down the street
“Shit!” I thought aloud. I came in trying to make sure something actually went right for Carson, hoping to fix what happened between us and is all goes to hell. There has to be a way I can still fix this
Wait, did he just say her loved her?
Mickey’s POV
I sat on the shore and studied how the waves were breaking. Lately my surfing sucked, something was bugging me.
“Hey Mickey!” I looked over and saw Carson walking toward me. I put on a smile and stood up.
“Miss me?” I asked
“Nope. God I forgot how cocky you are.”
“You miss me”
“Shut up, I actually came to say something then I’ll be done.”
“Speak then” She rolled her eyes in annoyance.
“I suppose this isn’t entirely your fault I was really stupid to think you actually cared about me.”
“I cared about you!” I defended
“The nicest place we ever went together was burger king.”
“Don’t pull that, You hate nice place. They remind you of your dad. Which makes me wonder how you expect things to work out with you and your new boyfriend, he loves that stuff.”
“Don’t change the subject!”
“He’s going to dump you, like I did.”
“Good thing too, because you’re a total maggot burger.”
“Then why do you still care about me?”
“That is exactly why I’m here. I never cared about you, I cared about Paul. I thought me being with you would make him happy. That and just you ever being his friend reminded me of him.”
“Wow, and you call me a jerk.”
“I wasn’t doing it to be mean. I actually had no idea I was doing it. You on the other hand wasted my time, hurt me, then robbed me, oh and ruined the song ‘Mickey’ for me.”
“You picked that song!”
“Yeah well anyway. Just wanna say I’m done with you, you self centered obnoxious pile of dog poo”
“Dog poo?” I chuckled; I looked over and saw Shell and Jason suddenly looking fearful as they waited for Carson. Shell put a hand to her temple and Jason shook his head. The next thing I knew I my foot hurt like hell, I looked up at Carson to see her fuming before walking away. I few boys had thrown a football and it landed in front on her. She picked it up and threw it at me; I wasn’t good at catching so it hit my nose before I could stop it. “Ah! My nose!” I shouted in pain as I held my nose
“Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!” She shouted. I heard Shell and Jason laughing at me before they all got in the car. I moved my hand to see the damage, I was bleeding badly.
Danny’s POV
I was walking quickly. I wasn’t sure where but it didn’t matter. Before I knew it I was standing on the edge of the pier, Carson’s favorite spot. She always watched the sunset here I remembered her calling me to meet me here one day.
~~Flash back~~
I walked up to here “Hey, so why did I have to ‘hurry hurry hurry’ my way down here? ”
“I wanted you to see this.” She said with a smile. She grabbed my hand and walked to the edge and sat down/ “Look.” She said pointing to the horizon.
“Whoa” I said looking at the sun. “The colors they’re…-”
“Insane I know.” I looked at the pinks and oranges that flooded the sky, the clouds outlined by different shades of purple. “Just the reflection off the water is amazing.” She pointed out. I stared a little longer before I heard a smirk.
“What?” I inquired
“It’s stupid.” She told me
“Just tell me.” I said looking her in the eye.
“Fine but you’re gunna laugh.”
“I like laughing.”
“Could you imagine if someone actually did that?”
“I hope human intelligence never stoops so low.”
“It already has, mostly Americans though.” A second latter I realized what I had said
“What does that mean?” she asked
“Not what you think it does.” I tried to explain.
“Son now I’m not smart enough to comprehend what you are saying, am I?” She asked smiling. I was relieved to see she understood what I meant but I also she was going to continue to argue it.
“You, just maybe not Jason”
“Jason isn’t so bad” she defended
“He hates me”
“I didn’t say that he didn’t hate you, just that he isn’t a bad guy. If it makes you feel any better though I don’t hate you”
“Well good to know that I traveled thousands of miles for a girl that doesn’t hate me” I said with fake relief. We sat in silence for a while until I broke it. “Maybe she could prove it by going to that new French restaurant with me” I looked over at her to see her with a slight frown
“It would be the REALLY nice, fancy kind of thing?”
“Yeah, would you like that?”
“I would rather jump off the pier. It’s not you, just the place. I’m not good with the dress up. Look pretty, act civilized thing”
“Understood, but you wouldn’t jump off the pier, look how high up we are.” She looked over the edge and stood up.
“Is you say so” she said before taking a small leap over the edge. I ran over and watched as she fell to the bottom with a splash. She resurfaced shivering and yelled “I-I t-t-t-told you s-s-so” My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe how crazy and random she was. The last girl I dated wouldn’t ride public transportation because of germs. She swam to the shore shaking even more; I took off my jacket and wrapped it around her
“Let me guess, you walked here?”
“I’ll get a cab” I said
“Lucky me”
“Love you”
“What?!?” her eyes widened a little
“Lucky you” I was trying to cover for what just slipped out
“Yeah very lucky” she said looking relieved
~~End Flash back~~
I looked over the water and couldn’t help but think; if she loved me like she does Mickey or Paul she wouldn’t have jumped.
Shell’s POV
Jason laughed as Carson and I sang ‘Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir’ from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber from Fleet Street.
“Smells like Piss! Piss with ink!” we sang in unison. We continued to sing until the song ended
“You girls are crazy!” Jason shouted. It was too late, ‘The Contest’ the song that followed the other song in the movie and stage play started
“I blow you a kiss! And I the so famous Pirelli a wisha to know who hasa the nerva to say my elixir is piss?! Who say dis?!” we started.
“Enough!” Jason said, Carson continued but I stopped
“Give me a reason” I stated
“Your phone is ringing” he told me I nodded and turned the music down and was able to here ‘Stop This Train’ by John Mayer
“Well then” I grabbed my phone without checking the caller id and answered it “Hello?”
“It’s Danny” he said
“Hey Danny! What’s up?” I asked
“You are with Carson, right?” He asked
“Yeah, want to talk to her?”
“NO!” He barked
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Can you guys meet me at the pier?” He asked
“Yeah sure” I told him,
“What’s going on?” Jason asked, I waved him off
“Is he coming too?” Danny asked
“Well yeah… we are all in the car so you have no choice really”
“Okay fine, just be quick” He hung up. I drove quickly towards the pier
“Stay here” I told Carson and Jason. They seemed confused but waited. I walked down the pier as silent as possible “What is up with you?” I asked as I reached Danny “You are being weird”
“Where is Carson?” He asked bluntly
“Right there?” I pointed down the pier; she was talking to Jason in the car
“Can I talk to her?”
“Why not?”
“Because I said so”
“What does that mean?” He asked confused
“Stop being an ass and I’ll consider it”
“Who are you? Her protector?”
“I’m her friend, ass hole”
“Right, which gives you this right?”
“Nope, but it does give me this right” I pushed him over the edge of the pier
“Shell!” Carson shouted as I heard a splash below. She and Jason ran over quickly
“Yes?” I asked innocently
“What the hell was that?”
“He had it coming” I said “Anyway, we’ll be over there. Let us know when he is done being an ass” I stayed in ear shot as Jason and I sat on the pier
“Are you okay?” Carson asked as Danny reached the top of the ladder, her voice was full of concern
“We have to talk” He told her, his teeth chattering
“Okay. About what?” She asked
“You love Mickey” He stated simply
“I do not, I read a letter from Paul, and I-” He cut her off
“And you love Paul.”
“I-” He stopped her again
“I came all the way her for you and you don’t love me. I have to go Carson.”
“I’m going back home and there is nothing you can say or do that will change it. Good bye Carson. I’ll miss you” He turned away then and walked down the pier. Sadly, he was staying at my house so he would have to tell my parent’s. I’d at least let him get out with no problem there
“Go Jason” I said as he passed us
“Why?” he asked
“Go comfort Carson” I said “I’m going to see what the hell is wrong with Harry Potter”
“Okay then” he stood up, I saw Danny had passed my car already so I jumped in it quickly and followed
“You know at this rate you’ll be home by noon tomorrow” I said, he looked at the clock in her car and couldn’t help but chuckle
“That’s impossible, it’s noon now”
“Yes but you are going a speedy” I looked at the gauges on my car and then back to him “mile per hour. I am having trouble going that slow, my foot isn’t touching the gas and is instead checking my brake. Does that say anything to you?”
“I’ll live” He said quickly as he sped up his pace
“You just kicked it up to 12 tonight!” I said
“Whatever” He rolled his eyes and kept walking
“You do know that you are living in my house, therefore if I get there before you, you will have to tell me and my parents” I said
“Grr!” He shouted before getting in the car
“Thank you” I said as she locked the doors and drove home “As a reward I’ll say one thing and expect nothing back”
“What do you want to say?” he asked
“You are a fool”
“Excuse me?”
“You are upset about something you know nothing about”
“Right! Like you know it all!”
“Actually, I do. But because you are an ass I feel no need to share it with you”
“Thank so much Michelle!” By his tone he hoped I would flinch and back off, but giving him no chance I didn’t react the way he had hoped
“Oh, what a burn! I don’t know how I’ll live!”
“Just shut the bloody hell up and drive” He snapped. I obliged soon pulled into my drive way and getting out of the car. I walked to the door, truly sad but trying to hide it with a cheerful walk
“Mom! Dad! Daniel is going home now!” I shouted as I walked in, sounded too perky. He rolled his eyes and walked to the guest room
“What?” My mother asked
“Why?” My father questioned. Honestly, my parents wanted to set us up, they didn’t like Jason so much and they thought that if he lived here it could ruin us
“Daniel and Carson broke up! He wants to go home!” I called to them
“When did they start to date?” her mom walked asked
“Oh! I forgot to tell you! They started dating in England! That is why he is here!” I said
“I’m done packing” He said as he walked out of the room with a suit case and a duffle bag in hand. He had changed his clothes
“Need a ride?” My mom asked
“No thank you” He said
“I’ll take him” I said, I wouldn’t have him walk there
“Take the Saturn!” my dad called, the Saturn meant his Saturn Skye and it was his convertible
“Okay daddy!” I said as he gave me the keys “Let’s go Harry or should it be Draco now?” I asked as we walked to the silver convertible. He rolled his eyes wordlessly and put his stuff in the trunk. We drove to the airport without a word.
“Bye Draco. I usually wouldn’t say this to someone who hurt Carson, especially after she opened her heart again but I’ll miss you.”I got out of the car to say good bye “Good luck at getting your job at the coffee shop back” I said
“I’m sorry about this Shell but she is playing with my heart and I can’t handle it. Well bye”
“Wait! Draco can’t leave without a hug!” I shouted. He chuckled and gave me a huge hug “Bye Danny, I hope to see you soon”
“I hope so too Shell, you were a great friend”
“Are!” I said
“What?” He asked
“I’m still your friend. Can’t promise anyone else here is but I’m here” I told him
“Thank you” He said. I smiled at him before he took out his open ended ticket and walked inside

Carson’s POV
I sat down. My legs dangling over the edge of the dock. Jason came to my side and sat down.
“Dude” I said looking over at Jason
“What happened?”
“Can you say something other than dude?”
“Dude” I said shaking my head.
“Ok I’ll give you to the count of five to say something other than dude. 1-2-3-4 -4 ½ -5”
“He left. We’re done.”
“He thinks I love Mickey…and Paul, but not him.”
“Do you love him?”
“I don’t know!!”
“I think you do.”
“Well I’m not sure okay?”
“How can you not be sure?”
“It’s hard when people you think you love leave, die, or rob you.”
“So you are in love but, but you don’t wanna be.”
“I never said that!” I snapped
“So you wanna be?”
“Stop putting words in my mouth.”
“I think you should stop him.”
“Why?” I asked confused “Didn’t you want him gone?”
“You were happy, and as you’re not brother I liked that.”
“Well, I think it’s better like this. Him coming here for me made me a little guilty. Maybe him going back will be a good thing.”
“I don’t think so. He’s gunna be miserable, and you’ll be too. You’ll do a good job of hiding it but you will be. You can fake happy pretty well when you want to. ”
“Wow! You really do know me….damn!”
“Now I feel bad for yelling at you. I probably shouldn’t have, I’m sorry.”
“It’s ok”
“…This really sucks.” I looked over at him again. “What?” I said when I noticed him staring.
“Your eyes are gray. The last time they were like that Paul…Whoa you are totally miserable.”
“I’m fine” I lied. “Hey is that Emma?” He looked over his shoulder and shook his head.
“We’re not dealing with this, not now anyway.”
“What do you suggest we do?”
“This” he said hoist me over his shoulder.
“Jason put me down!” I said nervously. So many times I have been dropped. this wasn’t funny. “Put me down! You’re gunna drop me! I’m too heavy put me down!”
“I will, just trust me.”
“This isn’t a good time to play the trust game! Just put me down!”
“Sorry” he said beginning to run.
“This isn’t funny!” I yelled pounding my fist on his back.
“We’re passing Emma.” He reassured.
“I don’t care!” He kept running a few ways down the side walk. Making turns so sharp I thought for sure I’d be eating cement. Finally he put me down.
“I hate you” I said as soon as my feet touched the ground.
“I’m sorry” he said opening his arms.
“Not again!” I shouted clutching a nearby light pole.
“Just giving you a hug.”
“Still not gunna let go.” He rolled his eyes and gave me a hug anyway.
“You’re so weird”
“Yeah I know.”
Danny’s POV
I walked in my room and threw my bags on my bed. “Bahg”.
“So you never explained why you came home so early.” My dad said from the door way.
“Why does there have to be an explanation.”
“Because you relentlessly begged to go.”
“Your point being?” I asked
“You begged and begged and when we talked to Shell’s parents and when they said you could stay with them and then we told you, you started packing that very moment”
“Just drop it” I said. He shrugged and walked out. I sat on my bed and decided to go try and get my old job back. I walked out of house and down the street. I walked into the coffee shop and stood at the counter
“Hey Danny, I see you’re back! How can I help you?” the manger asked
“Hey James, I wanted to know if I could get my job back” I asked
“She dumped you?”
“I never said that” I said
“She dumped you and after that you come back to England and beg for your job back. I told you not to do it.”
“I dumped her. Get it straight.”
“I thought she was ‘the one’.” He mocked “You’re so hopeless.”
“You fall in love or at least think you fall in love to easily.”
“When else have I fallen in love?”
“Oh c’mon mate. You only liked her. You just got love confused with interest; she was from a different country, that’s all.”
“Can I have the job or not?” I wanted the subject away from my relationships
“Yeah, I just wanted to mess with you a little” he passed me an apron from the hooks “Oh and I told you so” he said quickly
“When do I start?”
“Tomorrow morning, bright and early” he said
“See you then.” I said as I walked out the door. I walked back home and slammed the door to the house as
I ran to my room. I threw the apron onto my bed and grabbed my skateboard. I then suddenly remembered that Carson had named it Natasha and threw it back down. I rushed out of the house again car keys in hand. I got in my car, pulled out of the garage and sped down the street.
Skylar’s POV
Me and Travis had met up with Jason, Carson, and Shell for bowling. The others were playing games and bowling, Shell and I sat there and waited “Carson looks happy” I said, she was trying to win something out of a crane machine
“Her eyes are blue” was
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