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PostSubject: Werewolves   Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:28 am

Here, lycans are the typical werewolf of myth with a few changes.


Werewolves can transform into three different forms: Human, Werewolf, & Wolf.

In human form, lycans appear like regular, everyday people except for a few discreet differences. They sometimes carry traits such as elongated ears, slitted eyes, fangs, claws. However these are the more...quiet features. In some cases, their wolf like features are more pronounced such as wolf ears instead of human ears, a tail protruding from the tail bone, etc. Nothing can really tell them apart otherwise.

In werewolf form, they appear just as their name says. Their head is wolf-like while their body is shaped much like a large, furry human being. Looking at one, one can easily tell which is male and which is female. Females are more curvacious than the males and also smaller. Lycans can reach to about seven to eight feet in height. Some lycans have tails in this form while others don't.

In wolf form, they appear like an ordinary wolf except much larger. Where a normal wolf stands about three feet tall from paw to ears, a lycan can sometimes reach nearly five. Color and shading varies.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Whilst in human form, lycans have heightened senses of smell, sight, and hearing. Of course, their senses don't compare with their werewolf and wolf forms. They are slightly stronger than the average human being as well as faster and more agile. It takes a bit more to hurt a lycan in their human form than a regular human, but not much. A lycan is pretty restricted compared to their other forms.

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