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 **The Rules**

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PostSubject: **The Rules**   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:27 pm

The Roleplay:

-No God-Moding or Power-Playing.
It's unfair and rude to other players.

-No double posting.
If you post, wait for someone else to reply first. It's as simple as that.

-150 word limit.
We're posting too many one-liners. So, now, I have to set a minimum for posting. It's not too much, but some nice descriptive paragraphs would be nice.


-You're allowed up to five characters. No more.
It's too difficult to keep up with more than five.

-Use the Character Form.
If you don't, it won't be accepted and you won't be able to role-play it.

-Post your Character Bio in the Submissions board, not in the Accepted board.
You have to wait for your character to be approved before you can play it. We have too many random characters all of a sudden, so this should create some order.

OOC Board:

-Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum.

-No insults, fighting, etc.

All these rules are simple and easy to remember. If you have a problem, PM me and we'll talk. I won't change anything, but we can talk. ^.~
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**The Rules**
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