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 Lacey Ghost

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PostSubject: Lacey Ghost   Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:51 pm

Name: Lacey Ghost

Species: Dhampir (Half Human, Half Vampire.)

Age: 25 but looks 18

Gender: Female

Mate: none

Hair: Long Chocolate brown

Eyes: Brown

Looks: Lacey has long chocolate brow hair that never seems to stop growing. Her hair is currently just below her knees. Her soft brown eyes are kind and caring, most of the time. She has a face of a child, and her body is small and weak, making her powerless. She stands at Five feet and two and a half inches. Her skin is clear. And her skin also has a slight color to it unlike vampires. Her nails are usely bitten down to the pink, but they two grow fast.

Personality: Lacey is kind and gently most of the time, but sometimes she goes into fits of rage. Those fits usely end with Lacey hurt or sick. She only has a few fears. One of them being full blooded Vampires that have yet to eaten. She isn’t quick to trust others. When she gets to know someone she is fun to be around. Sometimes she doesn’t know when to give up. She can be outgoing and happy. She loves to watch the sun raise and set, and because of her human blood she can.

History: Unlike the vampires, Lacey does not have a gift, might have something to do with her being a Dhampir. Lacey comes form a clan to the far north of Blood Manor. She was forced to flee by the other clan members because of her human blood, when the leader of the clan was killed. The clan leader was her father and he protected her, but for some reason she never really thought of him as a father. Her childhood happy and normal, she had dreams of running away to the circus when she was small, those dreams were crushed when she finally admitted to herself that she was part vampire and one day her body would stop growing. That happened at age 18.

Normal Attire: Simple white dresses.
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Lacey Ghost
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