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 Maiya Harper

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PostSubject: Maiya Harper   Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:22 pm

Name: Maiya Harper (Actually Hanako)

Species: Vampire

Age: appears to be 15 but is really 85

Gender: Female

Mate: None

Hair: Brownish purple with two red roses in it, a veil hanging down from them as a hair decoration.

Eyes: Darkish red

Looks: Maiya

Personality: Maiya is graceful and confident, not easily swayed. She’s not easily angered, unlike her sister, and will act on her wits instead of her emotions, another difference between the two. She is quick-witted and light on her feet, making her a worthy opponent in battle. She is mysterious and will not reveal her motives. She knows how to get under someone’s skin and is very manipulitve. She has a child’s innocent looks but is anything but.

History: She is Amu’s little sister, and was always jealous of her. She loved Yuru, Amu’s mate so she always hated her for it. She was in the same village as her and killed a man named Ryo who was in their village. She told the elders that Amu had done it, and sicne she can read minds, they had no reason not to believe her. Maiya then killed Yuru, saying ‘an eye for an eye, fair is fair.’ The elders allowed her to and Amu was then forced to leave.

Normal Attire: Ruffled dark pink/light red dress, with dark red ruffles. It goes slightly below her knees, over red fishnet tights. A black choker necklace with a red pendant hanging down from it.

Other: She can read minds. She also has the power of blood bending, or controlling the blood in someone’s body, making them like her puppet. This doesn’t work on everyone, however. Some can resist, those with a strong will. Those with a weak will or those who are weary or have wandering spirits, someone who is confused or wandering, are easier targets for her second power.

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Maiya Harper
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