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 Marcus White

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PostSubject: Marcus White   Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:01 am

Name: Marcus White

Species: Vampire

Age: 614 looks 21

Gender: Male

Mate: Tina Dart

Hair: Long white

Eyes: Grayish blue

Looks: His snow white hair goes just below his shoulders. His Grayish blue eyes are cold and uncareing. He has a cross brunt on his tounge. His features are shrap. He is tall standing at six feet three inces. He is thin like a farmers son, but he is still strong.

Personality: Marcus is cold and hrash. he is Kind to animals. He doesnt't talk much, but when he does it usely something werid, and there is usely a point hidden in there some where. He couldn't care less for humans, even when he was one he enjoied killing them. He has a kinf sounding voice but he perfers to use it other things, like lureing little kids to thier death.

History: When he was born in England he was orphaned, and he was raised by farmers until he was 15. when he was 15 he ran away to become a knight. When he was an apprentice to a vampire knight, which Marcus didn't know he was a vampire. Marcus's master was on mission to the queen, and with the help of Marcus the queen was killed. He turned around to see his master drinking the dead queens blood. His master looked up at him and noticed Marcus watching him, and ran and bit him on the neck, which turned him into a vampire. He stumbled back to his home after that, and after he had fully changed into a vampire like his master, he killed his faster family.

Normal Attire:Gray white clothes
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Marcus White
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