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 Amu Hanako

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PostSubject: Amu Hanako   Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:11 pm

Name: Amu Hanako

Species: Vampire

Age:appears to be 17 but is about 90

Gender: Female


Hair:Long, very light and pale brown, and pulled up with a few strands hanging down.


Looks: Amu is extrememly pale. She has sharp fangs, as all vampires do. She also has a large tattoo of a decorative cross on her back.

Personality: Amu is shy when she first meets someone, most of the time. Or if she doesn’t know them very well, she tends to be quiet and keep to herself. But once she knows someone she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and loud, too. She is easily angered and will often act on this anger, getting her into trouble more often than not. She’s sweet and sensitive to those she cares about, but if someone threatens her friends or herself her personality can change and she’ll become very protective and vicious. In battle, she’s extremely fierce and will go to extreme measures to win or even just to survive.

History: Amu lived in a village with other vampires, with her sister Maiya and her mate Yuru, and even her parents, who were also vampires. An incident with her sister, which resulted in the death of her mate, forced her to leave her village and live on her own for 50 years until she found Blood Manor. She didn’t understand what had happened in her village until later, when Maiya came back. (see roleplay).

Normal Attire: Amu normally wears her white dress whenever she can. It’s short and low cut in the back, showing the large tattoo of a cross she has. It ties around her neck in the back.

Other: Amu has the power to hear things from great distances away, run faster than most vampires, and turn invisible.

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Amu Hanako
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