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 Bree Ikeda

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PostSubject: Bree Ikeda   Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:59 pm

Human form

Werewolf form (only smaller than picture)

Name: Bree Ikeda

Species: Lycan (Werewolf)


Gender: Female


Hair: Shoulder-length pink, straight hair with bangs.

Eyes: Blue

Looks: Bree has tan/white wolf ears that stick up out of her pink hair, making her look very peculiar.

Personality: Bree is a strange little girl. She is very hyper and talks all the time. She also eats a lot, but is always running around so she wears off a lot of it. She is very curious and will investigate anything and not hesitate to ask questions. She doesn’t always understand the seriousness of a situation, and will trust almost anyone. But if she senses something strange, she is very aggressive. She becomes positively vicious at the mention or sight of Slayers or anything regarding them.

History: Bree has seen more pain than a girl of her age should have. Her parents were killed by Slayers when she was 9, and she traveled for almost a week on her own in the cold North, looking for somewhere to get help. She stumbled across Yukiko’s village, almost dead when she got there. They took her in and Yukiko took care of her until she got better. They became like sisters, caring about and understanding each other more than anything in the world. A few months later Bree found a puppy outside the village, and kept him, naming him Scruffy. When their village was burned down, Bree felt as if she had lost her parents all over again. She and Yukiko made it out alive, along with Bree’s dog, whom she refused to leave behind, and they found their way to Lycan Manor.

Normal Attire: A blue long-sleeved shirt, old blue jeans, and boots.
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Bree Ikeda
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