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 Yukiko Yoshida

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PostSubject: Yukiko Yoshida   Fri Jan 02, 2009 4:35 pm

Werewolf form(in original picture, both eyes were brown. I edited it on paintshop)

Human form

Name: Yukiko Yoshida

Species: Lycan (Werewolf)

Age: appears to be 16 but is actually 105

Gender: Female

Mate: None, yet.

Hair: Straight, pure white hair that goes down to her shoulders.

Eyes: Her right eye is blue, her left brown.

Looks: Yukiko has snow-white ears that peek out of her equally white hair. Her eyes are the most unusual feature about her, though, one being blue and the other a pale brown color.

Personality: Yukiko is a generally friendly girl. She trusts certain people a little too easily, but sometimes she has trouble trusting people at all. She is very shy around people she doesn’t know, but around her friends she opens up more. She’s very protective of her friends and family, but Bree the most. She’s an okay fighter, often acting more on impulse than thinking things through.

History: Yukiko grew up in a village of other Lycans with her parents. Then Bree showed up. Her parents had been killed by Slayers and she had wandered until she found the village. She was barely alive when she crawled into the village. Yukiko’s parents had taken her into the village, and Bree became like Yukiko’s little sister. Yukiko had nursed her back to health and they became very close. Soon after this, their village was attacked by Slayers and burned to the ground. Bree and Yukiko were the only ones who escaped. They left their home in the cold North and went to Lycan Manor, the only safe haven they knew of. Yukiko’s parents had told her about it when she was younger, told her to go there if anything were to happen. And they did just that.

Normal Attire: A pair of blue jeans and a white tank top, with her boots that she wears no matter what the weather.
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Yukiko Yoshida
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